Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chart o' the Day: the Draconian Cuts That President Obama Has Threatened to Veto

The budget numbers are staggering:

• $3,730,000 million ($3.73 trillion) in total spending, representing 25% of GDP -- the highest level since World War II

• $1,600,000 million ($1.6 trillion) in deficits for 2011

• $60,000 million ($60 billion) in proposed cuts

And President Obama has threatened to veto these harsh, brutal, to-the-bone cuts.

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RobbieC said...

Those 'draconian' budget cuts that Obama is threatening to veto? Yeah...not quite as draconian as he would have us believe (it's almost like he doesn't understand what that actually means). No...not draconian...rather budget cuts.