Saturday, February 19, 2011

Photo: Doctor writing fraudulent excuses in Wisconsin to assist illegal strike by "educators" #wiunion #solidaritywi

Democrats: flee the state rather than honor the democratic process. Protest having to pay a measly amount of their salaries toward their own retirement and benefits, which everyone else in America has to do. Hold an illegal strike under the guise of a "sick out" -- leaving kids and parents in the lurch.

This photograph exemplifies everything that's wrong with the Soros-controlled, hard left Democrat Party.

This is the example they want to set for our kids, these "teachers".

And President Obama is so laser-focused on jobs and the catastrophic federal budget deficit that he's busy urging state workers to commit fraud.

Update: 'To Wisconsin's Unions: Sit And Spin'

Hat tip: Larwyn.


Jim - PRS said...

The doctor(s) should have their ticket pulled for that crap.

BS Footprint said...

Here's what I've learned from the AWOL senators.

commoncents said...

THANK YOU for posting this! We are ALL OVER this on Common Cents...

Bones said...

The Democrats could make some real money. Let country's hire them to destroy the economy of their enemy.

jefferson101 said...

And this would surprise you in what way?

That "Doctor" was collecting their Medical ID numbers, and will bill their insurance for $100 for a "Consultation".

If there's no bill, they didn't go to the Doctor, don't you know?

Unlikely Hospitalist said...

I have had a lot to say of late regarding this union pushback, but docs abrogating their professional responsibilities is over the top.

Arguments here, consider of Larwyn's linx~

dave in boca said...

The docs' fake scripts denoting illness are one sign that the scofflaws in the union movement are a tribe of scum-sucking bottomfeeders who break the law without compunction and flash the Italian salute at anyone who objects.

In addition, the hegira of 14 WI state senators to the neighboring People's Republic of Illinois is not popular AT ALL with the native Wisconsinites. Of course, the polls by the Journal-Sentinel are not being published in the national media, the aptly-named lamestream media, which is also ignoring the inflammatory posters of the protesters with Gov. Walker's face on a target and wearing a Hitler mustache.

This is par for the course and as a native Wisconsinite, albeit now transplanted, I think the state's traditional sense of fair play is being violated. Also, the intrusion of the Indonesian Imbecile and Trumka and JJackson are not appreciated except by die-hard supporters. Remember this is concerning around 100,000 public servants earning 50% above teachers in parochial schools, which intriguingly have a MUCH HIGHER test score and graduation rate than the second-rate public schools.

All the signs point to a PR disaster for the Dems in WI and nationally for the Indonesian Imbecile.