Saturday, February 19, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: An Open Letter to Mr. Daily Kos #wiunion

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An Open Letter to Mr. Daily Kos: Vodkapundit
Dems: government shutdown a sign of failure, except in WI: VS
The Doomed President: AT

ObamaCare vs. The Constitution of the United States: NetRight
Walker to Obama: Focus on Your Own Damn Budget: Cubachi
Misleading Judge Vinson: Patterico

Obama’s Brownshirts Behind Wisconsin Chaos: RWN
Surprise: Group Targets Speaker Boehner’s House: Driscoll
Socialist Public Employees Want Revolution in WI: AmPower


Apocalypse Now: Wisconsin vs. Big Labor: Malkin
Obama Acted Stupidly In Siding Against Taxpayers: LegalIns
Athens in Mad Town: WSJ

Public employee unions show their true face: Toldjah
The Madison insurrection: follow the money: AT
WI Teachers Make More Than Twice Average Prviate Worker: TAB

It's a Start: GOP Trims $61 Billion: RWN
Outrage: Republicans Reject Tiny Spending Cuts: Patterico
Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?: Rolling Stone

Climate & Energy

Judge to Obama Admin: End the Drilling Permatorium: Ace
Culture of contempt: Interior Department spanked yet again: Malkin
Congress to NASA: Study Space! (Not Climate. That’s Not Space.): PJM


Alternet's Racist Tirade Against Cain: 'Black Garbage Pail Kid', 'Monkey', CORE Condemns: BigJournalism
The Top 10 Craziest Posts At Feministing: Cassy
Wisconsin Madness as Seen by the ‘Little People’: PJM

Make Believe Media: Obama's Failure of Leadership Is Actually A "New, Crafty" Way To Lead: Ace
Fired Journalist Has a History of Anti-American Slanders: PJM
Wisconsin Blues: TL In Exile

Column One: Lara Logan and media rules: Glick
Irony: Democrat Party Subverts the Democratic Process: BlogProf
The hypocritical left, con'd. : Texas4Palin

Union & DNC-backed protests in Wisconsin sure seem a lot like the Tea Parties in some liberal minds : GayPatriot
Thoughts about the Wisconsin teachers’ union: RWN
Demonstrating race: The asymmetrical classification of crowds: TigerHawk


Emergency Committee for Israel Responds to U.N. Security Council's Attack on Israel: WklyStd
Obama Hoisted by Own Petard on Israeli-Palestinian Front: AT
Canadian Death Panel Decides Baby Should Die, Canadian Court Agrees: RWN


Which Stocks Will Rise? Ask Google: SmartMoney
Apple Store Employee: Stop Asking Me About The Next iPhone: Consumerist
The truth is on our faces: Former Army psychologist trains troops to spot lies through microexpressions: ArmyTimes


"A Week With My Father": Sparkle
Wisconsin Volley: Budgeting to the Baseline: MOTUS
Sorry, Nancy: GM's Place

Image: Erin Bonsteel
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