Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Trumka visiting White House 2-3 Times Per Week

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Report: Trumka visiting White House 2-3 Times Per Week: RS
The Party of Big Government: AT
Activist Judge: No Limit to Federal Powers Over Your Private Life: VS

Profiles in Courage: Obama and Wisconsin: Ace
An 'Assault on Unions?' It's About Time: Cagle
Emanuel Wins Chicago Mayoral Election: WZ

Mitch Daniels won't fight Dems on Right-to-Work: Ace
Mitch Daniels Boomlet Ends With a Thud: RSM
30-Foot Status of MLK Jr. To Be Unveiled: LB1901


Rank-and-file teachers speak truth to prog power: Malkin
Howard Dean and the $100,000 Wisconsin Slush Fund: AmSpec
A Short, Telling Story About Spending Your Money: RWN

Saving Our Nation From Debt: Rep. Jim Jordan
They Soooo Want To Be Like The Egyptian Protesters: LegalIns
Senate GOP to Snatch Budget Defeat from Jaws of Victory?: AT

Climate & Energy

Oil Shock: Mullings
Peak Oil? An "Inconvenient Truth": Viable
Climate change no problem, says futurist Ray Kurzweil: Guardian

More Biofuels, More Greenhouse Gases: RWN
What Say To A $40 LED Lightbulb?: RWN


Wisconsin Republicans: Bring Right To Work up for a vote: Pedrie
Tea Party 'Extreme' to Amanpour, But Union Protesters a 'Populist' Show of 'People Power': MRC
WaPo Owned Calls Sarah Palin the C-Word in Headline: GWP

Donald Rumsfeld vs. Andrea Mitchell: Tatler
Sarah Palin Promotes Herman Cain: RSM
Same Old Song and Dance: CFB

These Publications Are Dead To Us: iOTW
Battle of Wisconsin: Proxy Civil War: Driscoll
Detroit Free Press: Government unions "a decidedly free-market exercise": BlogProf

Biased Front Page Cincinnati Enquirer Article: Republican Budget Cuts Deemed “Drastic”: Virtuous
Obama The Nobel Peace Prize Winner: How Do You Like Me Now?: SHN
Allen West and the Religion of Peace, Pompano Beach Edition: Kimball


Bad and Badder: Belmont Club
An Insult to Israel: IBD
Libya's Legacy: Totten

UN Secretary-General Calls for Global Socialism: RWN
A Snapshot of Today’s United Nations: Bayefsky
Russian President Medvedev Predicts “Fires for Decades” if Islamists Come to Power in Toppled Arab Countries: WZ


Kindle ebook piracy accelerates: CNet
Dr. Mac: Verizon iPhone no better or worse than AT&T's: Chron
Apple's App Store Yields 83% of All Mobile App Revenues in 2010: Fool


Scenes From My City: Loudon
Fred Levenhagen LIES! Fred Levenhagen LIES! Fred Levenhagen LIES!: iOTW
Strike! Strike! Strike!: iOTW

Image: Cagle Cartoons
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