Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Obama's OFA Sending Buses Into Ohio

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Obama’s OFA Is Sending Buses To Ohio: S&L
The 92 House GOP Members That Couldn't Cut Straight: NetRight
How to think about the political battle in WI: Betsy

Nuclear option in WI: Hot Air
UW Med School Investigating Doctors’ Fake Sick Notes: BigGovt
Fugitive WI Dems may be back "sooner rather than later": Hot Air

Who's winning the PR fight in Wisconsin?: Q&O
Mayor Bloomberg Takes NYC Authoritarianism on the Road: RWN
Program to bring hundreds of Muslim youth to Seattle: Creeping


The Taxpayer's Civil War: Knish
After WI, how do Dems argue against a shutdown?: WklyStd
Ratcheting, III: ProWis

Why They Fight: Hayward
How Public Unions Kill Progressive Politics: WklyStd
Why Obama and the Dems Blundered in Wisconsin :PJM

ObamaCare funding still in place in new budget?: Hot Air
WI teachers making more than they let on: Caller
WI: What the Unions Want, and Why It’s Insane: PJM

Climate & Energy

FDA-Holes: ProWis
Photo: Carbon Emissions: RWN
NOAA Says Al Gore's Claim About Snow and Global Warming is Nonsense: Lid


Media Gone Mad: AT
Times’ Slanted Wisconsin Coverage Contrasts With Their Treatment of Tea Party: Tobin
America's Nutritionist Michelle Obama Chows Down on Short Ribs in Vail: JWF

Hooray! NY Times Says Obama White House Barely Involved With Wisconsin Protests: RWN
ABC News Correspondent: Obama Denounced Wisconsin Governor Faster Than Egyptian Dictator: SAB
Comment from WI union supporter: "you will be first against the wall when the revolution comes": BlogProf

Yes, Ezra, there is a reason to rein in public sector unions: JRubin
Columbia Kooks Heckle Purple Heart Iraq War Vet: JWF
It has taken me forever to get to this CPAC roundup…: DaTechGuy

Medical Ethics, Wisconsin-Style: It's Only Words
Now, It's Personal: NRO
AOL: ‘Arianna’s the Overlord? Later!’: Treacher


Reports: Gaddafi Has Left The Building: Ace
Libya without Gaddafi: What to Expect, What to Watch For: Hanson
Gadhafi’s Fairly Unconvincing ‘I’m Still in Charge’ Speech Setting: Malkin

“All in the Family” – Obama to “Lula” – A Very Few Degrees of Separation: NoisyRoom (Loudon)
Supporting Regime Change In Libya - A Powerful Opportunity: JoshuaPundit
Obama accused of 'double standards' -- again: London Daily Mail

Raymond Davis: Obama’s "Fair Game": Babalu
Libyan Ambassador to U.S. Pleads With Obama to Speak Out Against Gaddafi Massacring Civilians: WZ
Forget Arab Democracy, Let’s Pretend It’s about Israel: NRO


Scientists Warn of $2 Trillion 'Solar Katrina': Instapundit
The Return of Tech at Night: Net Neutrality, Internet Kill Switch: RedState
Facebook app lets you stalk -- er, monitor relationships: CNN


The Hide Out: iOTW
Double Jeopardy: C&S
Michelle’s Vail Presidential Downhill Slide: MOTUS

Marx & The Communist Manifesto, From Feb. 21, 1848 To Today : Wolf Howling
Beer, is there anything it can't do?: WyBlog
The Sieve of Angkar: Wizbang

Image: Allen West (via NiceDeb)
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: SEIU Purple Army Protest Schedule


Anonymous said...

You could leave that image of Col West up there permanently

Bones said...

I like the new term floating around the net. The Wi and In dems are "Fleebags"