Thursday, February 17, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Hang Tough, Governor Walker!

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Hang Tough, Governor Walker!: Malkin
The Government Shutdown of 2011?: Ricochet
Numbers don't lie: What side is Trump on?: LibertyJuice

You Are The "Suckers" Democrats Have Been Waiting For: LegalIns
Obama And Dems Suddenly Want Bipartisanship On Budget: RWN
A New Face for a New America: NoisyRoom

Still Very Possible: How to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare: AT
1,500 patriots counter Muslim Brotherhood in Yorba Linda: Atlas
Obama bringing Motown to White House: Caller


WI: SEIU, teachers’ unions attempt state hijacking: Malkin
Price (R-GA) Attempts to Defund Union-Controlled NLRB: RedState
Before spending $53B on high-speed rail...: LegalIns

Heh: Proposal to Cut Funding For O's Teleprompter: Ace
Another Liberal Ponzi Scheme: AT
Great: Teachers bring kids to union protest: BlogProf

Climate & Energy

Obama’s assault on our domestic energy now a 4-alarm fire: RedState
Vitter’s BOEMRE Meeting A Bummer As Bromwich Babbles And Blathers: RedState
AGW Today – High Tides, Maple Syrup, And Tomatoes, Oh My: RWN


CBS Reporter Learns a Harsh Lesson in Reality: GWP
Brad Friedman and Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin: Practitioners of the Stalking They Claim to Decry: Patterico
The Truth Behind the White House’s Budget Spin: Palin

Chris Christie Livestream: "It's Time To Do Big Things": Ace
Michael Medved: Hey Palin & Limbaugh, Obama Isn’t Trying to ‘Weaken America’: Powers
The Golden Rule and the ObamaCare Mandate: Kesler

Socialism Summed Up in Two Pictures: RWN
Jimmy Carter: "Muslim Brotherhood is not Anything to be Afraid Of": PunditPress
3 Reasons Why CPAC is a Must For Every Conservative Activist….[Major Picture Dump]: RWN


It begins: US sells out Israel on settlements at UN: Tatler
Democrats: Emboldening America's Enemies and Terrifying Her Allies Since 1976: Coulter
Mexico’s Gun Supply and the 90 Percent Myth: Fausta

Iran’s Warships in the Suez Canal: Will U.S. Defend Israel?: RWN
The Real Face of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Delusions of Its Supporters: PJM
Report--Obama quietly appoints Muslim Brotherhood to key posts: Exam

John Bolton for President?: Reaganite
Alfred E. President: AT
Stuxnet rattled Iran but atom work goes on: report: Reuters


Is Your Job an Endangered Species?: WSJ
Verizon CTO: We Don't Need Nokia-Microsoft: Insider
Google announces One Pass, rival to Apple's subscription service: CNet


- Impasse - : R&R
Help Save TOTUS, Voice of America!: MOTUS
Bad Eggs: SHN

Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: West for West Wing 2012
QOTD: "When peaceful Iranian students were protesting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's stolen election in 2009, we didn't hear a peep out of Obama. The students had good reason to believe the election had been rigged. In some pro-Ahmadinejad districts, turnout was more than 100 percent.

Wait, no, I'm sorry -- that was Al Franken's election to the U.S. Senate from Minnesota. But there was also plenty of vote-stealing in Ahmadinejad's election.

When it came to Iran, however, the flame of democracy didn't burn so brightly in liberal hearts. Even when the Iranian protester, Neda, was shot dead while standing peacefully on a street in Tehran, Obama responded by ... going out for an ice cream cone.

But a mob of Egyptians start decapitating mummies, and Obama was on the horn telling Mubarak he had to leave. Obama didn't acknowledge Neda's existence, but the moment Egyptians started rioting, Obama said, "We hear your voices." -- Ann Coulter

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