Monday, February 14, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Allen West and the New Dawn at CPAC

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Allen West and the New Dawn at CPAC: HE
Ron Paul and the Y.A.F. Kerfuffle: No Sheeples
Illegal alien, ordered deported in 2000, goes on killing spree: WZ

CPAC: Former CIA Director Tells Of Sharia Threat: JW
Truthout Releases 'The Progressive Strategery Handbook': WZ
Ron Paul’s Last Straw: RWN


Californians need to suffer more: OCR
The special interest driving federal spending? Big Labor: Exam
Why The Shills Are Wrong (Bank Failures): Denninger

A Tipping Point is Nearing: AT
Hate Obamacare Mandate and Love Tort Reform?: LegalIns
'Get Ready For Margin Collapse' Goes Mainstream: ZH

The Latest Excuse to Oppose Construction of a Wal-Mart: Malkin
The needed presidential speech on fiscal discipline: GayPatriot
Richard Maybury: Collapse of Anglo-American Empire: DailyBell

Climate & Energy

EPA responds to congressional attempts to reel in greenhouse gas regulation: WUWT
Get Ready--Junk Scientist Al Gore Predicted North Pole Would Be Completely Ice Free Next Year: GWP


CPAC Wrap-up What The Media Didn't Tell You: Lid
'Great Job, MSM!': JWF
NPR And NY Times Say Bush Was Correct About Pushing Democracy: RWN

Suhail Khan Exposed… Again: GoV
CPAC and the Muslim Brotherhood: RWN
Leonard Pitts Jr: Enforcing immigration law 'political masturbation': BlogProf

Wanted: A Grand Strategy for America: Niall Ferguson
Behind the NFL Lockout, Part II: Mises
'Keith Olbermann' Found Shilling Maybelline Products At CPAC: Mediaite


The Superpower as Spectator: Steyn
Terrorism: How Much Trouble Are We In?...Quite a Bit: NMJ
The ‘Secular’ Muslim Brotherhood: McCarthy

US Accuses Lebanese Bank of Money-Laundering Drug Money for Hezbollah: Ace
Mubarak Slammed Obama During Call With Israel Before Resignation, '...the Result Will be Radical Islam': WZ
Praying for the Destruction of America: GoV

Yesterday Tunis, Today Tahrir Square, Tomorrow Tehran?: Ledeen
Arab Dictators and Radical Islam: Hudson
Kovas Boguta's Useful Chart for Getting Egypt's Freedom Boosters Assassinated: AmDigest

Egypt: Scoop/New Government Has No Illusions About the Muslim Brotherhood: RubRep
Egyptian Army Losing Control of Sinai?: TAB
Mubarak Transferred Billions to Safe Haven, Rumored to Be in Coma: Uncov


Nokia CEO: Co. to get billions from Microsoft to use Windows phone software: Yahoo
Search Still Sucks: TechCrunch
NASA continues its important work: MagNote


Obamanomics: Lady M Style Edition: MOTUS
Joe Biden Performs at 2011 Grammy Awards: Diogenes
This Week in Automotivators: RWN

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