Friday, February 11, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: First Rubio–now Cardenas (We’re on a Rolllll!)

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First Rubio–now Cardenas (We’re on a Rolllll!): Babalu
Beautiful: SD mandates residents buy firearms: DB&R
Pro-Amnesty Groups Step Up Their Rhetoric: SharkTank

Trump at CPAC: Sorry, Ron Paul Can't Get Elected: HayRide
Sen. Tom Harkin Doesn’t Write His Own Material: RWN
Dirt Bags Heckle Cheney at CPAC: HAP

AZ to sue federal government for failing to secure borders: Malkin
GOProud Dissent Among the Ranks: RedState
'Developing Crisis' in Pigford Settlement: BigGovt


Fiscal Disaster: a Horrible New Record: GWP
CBO: Obamacare to cost 800,000 jobs: WklyStd
Michelle Obama's Hypocrisy: iOTW

Climate & Energy

No Coal, No Power, No Gas: AT
Long Twilight Struggle: Dinocrat
Mayor Calls For Snowpocalypse Day To Combat Climate Change: RWN


Fact Checking PolitiFact: LegalIns
Big Journalism’s Dana Loesch Joins CNN: BigJournalism
Can Obama be beaten in 2012?: CNN

A Letter from a Fearfully Concerned Muslim: PJM
Time Magazine Beclowns Itself ... Again: WZ
The Guardians of Liberty & T.L. Davis: Zilla


Mubarak: 'Brothers, Would You Have Me Crawl Away at the Command of Obama?': GWP
The Iranian Revolution, DNI Clapper & The Muslim Brotherhood: Wolf Howling
More Good News: UN Warns China’s Wheat Crop in Danger: WZ

Oops!: Belmont Club
Mythical Sharia -- Or Not: CJ
Dearborn Should Wake up to Creeping Islamic Shariah Law: Dakota Voice

It's All About Him: Obama “Dispirited” After Mubarak Snubs Him & Decides to Stay in Office: GWP
Who Is Raymond Davis, And Why Is He So Important?: HayRide
The Spooks’ Black Thursday: Ledeen


Google Rolls Out Two-Factor Authentication For Everyone. You Should Use It.: TechCrunch
Nokia Shares Are Getting CRUSHED After Big Microsoft Announcement: Insider
Obama pushes for national 4G-speed wireless: CNet


Tee Shirt of the Day: iOTW
“Tell me lies. Tell me sweet little lies.”: MOTUS
Woman of the People: iOTW

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