Friday, February 18, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Support Wisconsin -- Trumka storms Madison tomorrow

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Support Wisconsin: Trumka storms Madison tomorrow: Malkin
Media Showing Itself As Financial Catastrophe Denialists: Ace
FCC’s Michael Copps Demands His Critics Be Silenced: RWN

To Be a Republican Lawmaker in Madison: NRO
Civility Police: Liberal Threats And Violence Surge: RWN
How much respect did unions show for Capitol grounds? : Althouse

Obama and the DNC Inject Themselves into WI Politics: Howling
Boehner supports Walker for 'daring to speak the truth': Cubachi
Nine Violent Protesters Arrested in WI: GWP


The stakes in Wisconsin : GayPatriot
Democrats Flee WI in Courageous Effort to Bankrupt State: Ace
Wisconsin: Reason Number 4,085 to Homeschool: Adrienne

Shame, Come Back, Shame!: Belmont Club
Decline Is In the Mind: Hanson
How Obama’s Big Labor Pals Warp the System: RWN

Lead Lawyer Challenging Obamacare Under Cyber Attack: Foundry
Unions Own the Wisconsin Dems: Tapscott
Big Green's congressional junkets take America for a ride: WashExam

Climate & Energy

The Environmentalists Are Not On Your Side: Elephants
Federal judge to Salazar: Stop stalling drilling permits: Tapscott
A Shale of a Difference: IBD


You Don’t Win By Losing In Politics, You Win By Winning: RWN
Are You Now or Have You Ever Been a Member of the ‘Obama Wasn’t Born in the US’ Party?: Malkin
Sarah Palin is no Birther: BrutHon

Cable News Ratingzz: Chickaboomer
While Promoting Civics at CPAC, Richard Dreyfuss Compared Me to Mass Murderer Pol Pot: BigHollywood
Democracy Sucks!: CFB

CNN Refuses to Cave to Media Matters’ Ongoing Crusade to Blacklist the Right: BigJournalism
The Gypper And The Gipper - Identity Theft & the Obama Presidency: Peters
Fox News Highlights Nazi Signs in Wisconsin Pension Debate, Networks Skip Controversy: MRC


Egypt Gets Its Khomeini: BRubin
Mexican military incursion into Texas?: Tatler
The Guns of August: The Corn is No Longer as High as an Elephant's Eye: AmDigest

John Boehner: Israel Sacrificed For The Sake of Peace and Stability: MagNote
"Egypt's New Hitler," Sheik Qaradawi, Returns to Egypt for Friday Prayers: Atlas
GOP Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Unloads on Obama Over Support for UN Resolution Condemning Israel: WZ

Jihadist attorney takes aim at Jawa Report, Jawas go to federal court seeking protective order: Jawa
The Tyrants Lunge: IBD
Lara Logan’s Rape and Egyptian Muslim Jew-Hatred: Bostom


IBM researchers show love for 'Jeopardy' champion Watson: CNet
An update to Google Social Search: GoogleBlog
Bulk of browsers found to be at risk of attack: ComputerWorld


Baby Trashes Bar: Las Palmas
Anti-Tea Party Progressives “Proud” to Voluntarily Give Back Tax Refund Checks : Doswell
It's Party Denouncement Time!: Cube

Image: When Push Comes to Nuke
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: One Marine Who Could Use a Helping Hand
QOTD: "Just ponder how a third-rate community organizer — from the most incestuously corrupt political region in the U.S.; with a record of participation in the most vulgar gathering of Jeremiah Wright posing as a reverend, spouting Fanonian rhetoric and bigotry; with mentors such as the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers; channelling the teachings of Saul Alinsky and Rashid Khalidi of the Chomsky school of self-loathing and sophistry — could advance through the ranks of American politics at an astounding speed, with little or no record of experience in government, to become the 44th president. In one of my columns from 2008 for the Sun Media in Canada, I had written in disbelief, as I watched the primaries unfold, of how American voters could be so beguiled by a charlatan of the Harold Hill type from The Music Man and vote for Obama. I was wrong in my overestimation of reason and experience among American voters as a check on the naivete of the university crowd and the duplicity of Lenin’s 'useful idiots' in free societies. One of the lessons from 2008, for me, is this: how can I now scold Egyptians for wanting freedom and democracy behind the banners of the Muslim Brotherhood when their experience with electoral politics is negligible, and their history of 7,000 years offer little guidance for what freedom requires — respect for the other and not mistaking freedom for licentiousness?" --Salim Mansur

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