Monday, October 05, 2015

For those who doubt the GOPe Splitter Strategy actually exists, please answer me one simple question...

The Beltway Establishment's secretive plan to hand Jeb Bush the GOP nomination (also known as the "GOPe Splitter Strategy") hinged on flooding the zone with establishment candidates.

Friends of mine -- knowledgeable operators in the Republican hemisphere -- have pooh-poohed the idea of such a conspiracy. To which I respond with a single question:

Why are Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, George Pataki (Who? Exactly) and other non-entities still pretending to be in the race?

All six candidates are drawing -- in aggregate -- six percent. How can they afford a campaign under these conditions? Simple, they can't. They're being funded by the GOPe.

Problem is: a very large monkey wrench was thrown into the establishment's machinery.

And things will never be the same.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


DavidD said...

Oh, c'mon.

I have no problem with the GOPe flooding the zone with establishment candidates who split the establishment vote,

What frustrates me is to see conservative candidates flooding the zone and splitting the conservative vote so that the establishment candidate wins, like in 2012.

I was actually relieved when Walker withdrew that I no longer had to choose between him and Cruz.

Cruz/Jindal 2016.

Cruising Troll said...

Jindal and Christie are in it now to build name recognition for the future. Graham and Pataki certainly fit your argument. Don't know about Kasich.

Doom said...

I have some doubts if they really are being funded by the gop. Why? It isn't in their favor. They (goppers) changed the rules to make is so that a slim fit (25%~37%) in a broad field would favor the slim fit. They just thought their Manchurian candidate would be that slim fit. Now that such isn't and won't be the case, their best bet is to whittle the field down to make the fight more favorable, in hopes of a change without losing it all in the all or nothing primaries. No, if I had to bet, I would say Trump is shooting just enough cash to keep them in.

Sort of cute. Using their own system on them, and using it better than they could, using their candidates, and doing it without a single eye on that ball. Save for... some of us. *wink* Love me some Trumping the goppers! Actually, I think this was a gimmick in Romney's playbook, but before the rules had be set up. It worked for him, for what little good it did in the big contest. When choosing between to evils, at least pick the genuine, first string evil? Or something like it. Thankfully Trump isn't a little democrat. He's a wild horse, and I think the electorate is in a betting mood.

Anonymous said...

The GOP used this same tactic in South Carolina with Lindsey Lohan Graham, they put up six primary opponents against him. Split all of the vote, then he was a shoe in for the General election.

For anyone who doubts they are capable of doing it. . . .I refer you to Mississippi and the Cochran race. The GOP finally found a way to turn out the "Black Vote", too bad it was used against a other GOP candidate.


Reaganite Republican said...

Oh, it exists- I guarantee Rove pushed the Huckster into the race to split off some of Cruz's vital evangelical vote

But it ain't gonna work- not this time

The last 7 years has been living hell for conservatives- but it's not like we didn't learn anything