Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Cold Anger – The First Signs of The Proud Vulgarians

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Cold Anger – The First Signs of The Proud Vulgarians: Treehouse
Republicans whip Democrats in key state races: Public Integrity
Another Data Point to be Ignored That Political Reporting is B.S.: Erick Erickson

Popcorn, Anyone? Gun Control Push Splitting Democrats ... Again: Matt Vespa
New polls: Carson surges, Cruz too; Trump shakey: Andrew Malcolm
Obama: background checks for gun owners, but not job applicants: Trey Sanchez

Trump support drops 22.5 percent in two weeks: Dan Spencer
Large Sample FL Poll: Trump Dominates Every Demographic and Region: Treehouse
Ted Cruz: Abolish The IRS: Steve Guest

The terrifying nihilism behind Leftists’ desire for socialized medicine: Bookworm
Impractical Magic: The Z Man
Debates Put Ted Cruz in the Top Tier: Reid Wilson

Campaign 2.0: “Jeb Can Fix It” Flops Hard: Amy Miller
Jeb Bush offers warm kiss — and is left as toast in GOP race: John Kass
Poll: Jeb Bush’s Popularity Problem: Reid Wilson


Obama legacy: 'He is the $20 trillion debt man.': MFS-TON
Hillary Clinton: American Dream Denier: Betsy McCaughey
Cato: American Decline Accelerating: Bob Adelmann

Scandal Central

Clinton Foundation spinoff won’t refile tax returns: Josh Gerstein
Feds Gave Bonuses to Employees Caught Sleeping and Drinking on the Job: Elizabeth Harrington
Obama Insists High School Girls Stare at Naked Boy Who Thinks He's a Girl: Ben Shapiro

Climate & Energy

14,000 Abandoned Wind Turbines Litter the United States: Elephant
EPA Vows To Lead The Global Fight Against Air Conditioners: Michael Bastasch
Petro-states aren’t panicking over oil price crash: Rachel Marsden


Resolved, Progressivism Is a Cult: Ace
Mark Levin on Prison Reform: ‘Obama Radicalizes Everything He Touches’: Sam Dorman
Family Of Dead Robber Whines That Hero Concealed Carrier Is At Fault: Bob Owens

Republicans vs. The Media: Ben Shapiro
You’re Doing It Wrong, ‘The View’: Michelle Malkin
Ted Cruz: It's In His Heart: Lloyd Marcus

Man who can handle CNBC but not Putin: how will GOP handle Putin if they can’t handle CNBC?: Hot Air
Our Insecure Culture Warriors: Daniel Greenfield
Gizmodo Reporter’s Attempt to Smear Ted Cruz’s Gun Use Goes Embarrassingly Awry: Kemberlee Kaye


State Department Won’t Say Whether Iran Will Face Consequences for Detaining Americans: Blake Seitz
Weapons of Mass Migration: Steve Sailer
F-35 Data Smuggler Sentenced to Jail: Lara Seligman

The U.S. Still Doesn’t Know Who’s In Charge if Massive Cyber Attack Strikes Nation: Patrick Tucker
Andrew Bostom on Iranian Nuke Deal Fiasco and Muslim Hijra Jihad Invasion of Europe: CJR
Why are F-15 fighters being deployed to Turkey?: J. Taylor Rushing

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Seeing a gun fire at 73,000 FPS is absolutely definitely the most incredible thing: Casey Chan
Marketers Should Pay Attention to fMRI: Uma R. Karmarkar, Carolyn Yoon, and Hilke Plassmann
Ancient warrior's tomb and huge treasure hoard found in Greece: AFP


Fighting Back, with Some Help: Cameron Gray
Founders from MIT With a Plan to Change How We Grow and Eat Food: Mark Suster
Resistance: It’s Not Futile: MOTUS

Image: Trump support drops 22.5 percent in two weeks
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #ConstitutionMan: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "Matt Bevin won in Kentucky. He won bigger than anyone expected. He owns this win. But it is again worth noting that nationally Democrats keep losing with Barack Obama as President. The public keeps rejecting the President’s party. They did it last night in Kentucky.

It’s only a matter of time before Democrats blame their losses on climate change in Syria." --Erick Erickson

Bonus QOTD: "A quick polling update before next week's Republican Party presidential debate. And it's very good news for Ben Carson and Ted Cruz. But just so-so news for Donald Trump.

A new Public Policy Polling survey of Iowa Republicans shows that Carson at 21% has moved into an essential tie for first place there with Trump at 22%. What struck those pollsters, however, was Cruz' six point surge to 14% and third place. Marco Rubio also jumped up two points to fourth with 10%. Others in the GOP field were all in single digits, PPP found.

Also Monday a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News national poll showed Carson has jumped into first place at 29%, triple his support in July. The retired doctor is now substantially ahead of the 23% of Trump, who slipped two points in two weeks after a lackluster debate performance recently." --Andrew Malcolm


Anonymous said...

(Treehouse) 'Cold Anger' .... is that like spankin' it with frozen sandpaper?

Cold anger? Luv me some Treehouse/Sundance (indeed). But unless this runaway train is stopped. NOW (OK, yesterday, actually). There will be rage unimagined. Unpredicted. Unbelievable. When people (too late) realize, it is really happening. The Country really is failing. Is dying. It will know NO reason. No control. No temperance [and, is entirely possible, the result King Pigsh*t lip smackin'/avariciously desires? (He's played the Nation like a fiddle already)].

It will be caught up in the anarchy that now grows by leaps and bounds. Every second, of every day.

The operative word, is NOW. Stop this madness. Now [waiting for magic fairies to arrive, election eve, Nov. 2016. Is delusional (speaking of pipe dreams ....and if the States, ever Convene? And halt this tryanny, restore the Constitution/Nation. Then, I'll produce a YouTube vid (yeah, from the Negev), of me, writing ONE THOUSAND times, on a chalkboard: I am an idiot].

Though no one has shown any interest. No one, has shown any proclivity. To do something. Anything. All just words. Talk. Yammer. Yammer. Yammer (like that lil fruitloop Gowdy). Or books, lots and lots'a fookin books.

There is no upside. There is no gain. No benefit, to this madness. Blame, and projection won't do sh*t. Cold anger? Won't buy an ice cube in Alaska [oh look, we picked up a governorship, and some seats in State Houses (we're saved!)].

We've got minutes. That's it. A collection of seconds. And then all will be lost. Gone, gone, gone. Forever. All the while, the train's picking up speed. Impact in T-minus 3, 2, ....

It's really happening. It really is. My G*d.


Anonymous said...

Gatestone (via BadBlue)

Why Palestabbians don't want cameras on the temple mount?

Mebbe it's the boulders, and pipe bombs they are stockpiling. To rain down. On the Jews below. Pic's/clear evidence (nothing to see, move along).

Anonymous said...

I Know two people in Kentucky who should immediately go into the witness protection program, with the election of Matt Bevin.

Mitchy and Randie youz gotz some 'splainin to do. Dirtbags!


Anonymous said...

Never read Hohmann before [pleasant surprise (via Lucianne)].

A decent read/cornucopia of data points. Long but breezy, without too much of the usual libturd boosheet, though certainly not doo-doo free (from link):

Other notable election results from last night:

Salt Lake City elected Utah’s first openly gay mayor and only the second female top executive in the capital city. (Salt Lake Tribune)

ouch ....

Anonymous said...

Boys in the girls room... well, when the dingle doesn't dangle this will have to go back for review. Let's hope the girls don't provoke mr. wiggly, we'll have to bring them up on charges.

Anonymous said...

Trump's losing ground?