Friday, November 13, 2015

AFTERMATH OF #PARIS TERROR NIGHTMARE: This is the photo media won’t show you

After the World Trade Center, Mumbai, London, Bali, and now Paris -- just how many more innocents have to die before the West comes to grips with a military ideology disguised as a religion?

Just a few hours before the attack -- leveraging his usual, impeccable sense of timing -- President Obama announced that "I don’t think [ISIS is] gaining strength ... we have contained them."

That figures.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I've seen it on Fox - once an hour with plenty of warning.

Anonymous said...

He is planing to step up Syrian migration. That is the only thing that worries him as far as timing.

Anonymous said...

please some one stop our juvenile,delusional (at best) poutus WHO NEEDS TO MAKE THE DECISION THAT HE IS MEDICALLY/PSYCHOLOGICALLY UNFIT FOR DUTY THERE MUST BE A PROVISION FOR THAT please help find a rat bastard muslime and make everyone near them AWARE that they have a rattle snake in their midst and that they are being watched.

Anonymous said...

and where are those good muslims in solidarity?

We are all fools.

commoncents said...

Sky News Live Stream of the Paris Attacks