Thursday, November 12, 2015

DONORS ABANDON SHIP: Despite the post-debate spin, ¡Jeb! campaign running on fumes

Apparently they were watching a different debate. Immediately following the recent Fox Business debate, vintage media positioned Jeb Bush's performance as having breathed new life into the carcass of his dying campaign.

Headlines like "Steady debate performance banishes gloom for Jeb Bush" and "Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio Make Big Impressions During Debate" were typical over the last few days, but the reality was far different. You and I saw an unhappy candidate; someone who is obviously uncomfortable at the dais, less than eloquent, and unsuccessfully marketing unpopular positions on virtually every issue imaginable.

The donors weren't convinced either:

Megan Murphy, the Washington Bureau Chief of Bloomberg Business, revealed that according to a private donor call between Jeb Bush’s campaign staff and Bush donors, the campaign conceded to problems raising money. But according to Murphy’s reporting, the campaign is banking that Bush’s debate performance will stop the bleeding and inspire more financial support.

Republican strategist and Congressional insider John Feehery told Chris Matthews to expect a very close partnership between House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. “Paul Ryan might be new to the job as Speaker, but his new chief of staff, Dave Hoppe, is an old hand,” said Feehery. “He once served as chief of staff to former senate leader Trent Lott and his top deputy in Lott’s office was Sharon Soderstrom, who is now the chief of staff to Mitch McConnell.”

Feehery, once a top aide to former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, said we should “Expect a high level of communication and coordination between the new Speaker and the senate majority leader as a result.”
Even the Leftist hack Frank Rich threw in the towel, likening the campaign to SNL's old Francisco Franco bit: "Jeb Bush's campaign: Still dead".

Bush has as much a chance of winning the nomination as William Shatner has winning an Oscar.

Anyone giving Bush money should instead consider a better investment strategy: liquor, gambling and women, for instance, and in that order.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News Feed.


Anonymous said...


"In the footage, Israeli officers disguised as Palestinian civilians in Arab garb, including some wearing fake moustaches and beards or dressed as women, burst into the hospital and dragged away a wanted Palestabbian in a wheelchair.

One man was shot to death during the sweep, identified by hospital workers as the Palestabbian suspect's cousin. The pre-dawn raid in the volatile West Bank city of Hebron, outraged Palestinians" (token sneef).

Algemeiner (via BadBlue)

Elder of Ziyon writes: “UNRWA isn’t telling teachers that antisemitism and supporting stabbing Jews is wrong. Just that it makes UNRWA look bad.”

Ya know, sssh .... keep it to yourself, is bad for (the Jookillin') biz. And the UN, even rationalizes the institutional hate, with (you need to understand/keep it in) "context."

Everyday, the hate grows and builds evermore. (via BadBlue)

SJP’s (Students for Judenrein Palestine) post, signed by SJP chapters throughout the CUNY system, declares that the “The [CUNY] Zionist administration invests in Israeli companies, companies that support the Israeli occupation, hosts birthright programs and study abroad programs in occupied Palestine, and reproduces settler-colonial ideology throughout CUNY through Zionist content of education. While CUNY aims to produce the next generation of professional Zionists, SJP aims to change the university to fight for all peoples [sic] liberation.”

Iran stops dismantling centrifuges [surprise! (no really .... bwahaha)]. (via BadBlue) [and link, with stupid *ssmonkey (freakin multiple!) floating interstitials].

'Deem passed '

Gov Moonbeam, just like King Pigsh*t. THOUSANDS of students, unable to clear even the lowwww GED hurdle. Now are declared graduates (and isn't even the Onion, nor April Fools).

Anonymous said...

The war on Israel, from the white house, continues apace. (via BadBlue)

AP Raw (unread/title snarf only)

'Biden tells college students to intervene to prevent assault '

I thought we were supposed to cap off a few rounds into the ether, with a scatter gun?

AP Raw (unread/title snarf only)

'Separating Syrian moderates from terrorists could tank talks'

I feel your pain. Finding one [even two (to qualify for the plural/description)], of the mythical magical) moderates? Forget needle/haystack].

Deutsche Welle/TV x2 (cable/KCET), Thursday.

1) Beirut/Lebanon, bombings: "sectarian. "

[Fook me, they're Irish (not Islamists)].

2) "10,000 Russian troops now in Syria "

Jihadi John? Is there no operation, no intel playbook (even one), Rebel Commander Hussein won't provide/distribute to our enemies?

Islam/Liberalism, now have shared DNA (even operatives/Soros flew Pale's to Mizzou, to lead the protests?). With shared thoughts/ideas/ideals/goals [terminally victims/victimology (but if we could just get rid of the Joos?)].

Kept link (yesterday) ....

LAT's, atomic, Sunday, Nov. 8, pg A2/Michelle Maltais

(My Billy Babbit impression .... Dddddamn Wwwwhite Ppppprivelege)

Science/'Even the very young are techies'

"the digital divide separating low and middle income access to technology .... disappearing."

"Philly/minority community ... 97% kids (have) used mobile device (some before 1st birthday)."

"most of the 3 and 4 year olds could navigate the devices without help."

"where once there had been a vast digital divide ..."

And so it goes ... elmo

Anonymous said...

elmo - as interesting and informative as your posts are, at least try to keep on topic. This thread is about the article on Jeb Bush's failure of a presidential campaign. So. on that note, I will say to Jeb!, or whatever he thinks his "handle" should be - GOOD RIDDANCE. Your New World Order support (no doubt nurtured by your family and big money donors) STINKS, as does your amnesty and support for Common Core. No Rove dirty tricks will save your pathetic presence and unpopular "beliefs". Just go home and leave the presidential campaigning to the real conservative (which you are NOT), Ted Cruz.

TED CRUZ for President of the United States of America - 2016 AND BEYOND.

Anonymous said...

It's called a link dump. You can pick and choose (or not). To look/follow, as interest directs. And as such, it would ALWAYS be OT [off topic (sorry you were peturbed, I first did not add the OT preamble)]. And thus, would naturally go/land/be at latest entry/post.

Not interested? Don't read. Kinda like Mizzou aye .... no safe space for you! (sneef/waaah). And well, I gave them/provided them ... to Doug, for his use. As he sees fit (or not). Has NOTHING to do with me. Period. It's data/info. I don't own it. I don't sell it [but you can buy my latest book on Amazon! (put that in your pipe and smoke it)].

I wouldn't waste the breath on Jeb. Commenting, reading, or otherwise (no reflection on Doug). No need to put a fork in 'em. No need ... to do anything [but you don't need my permission (but seems I need yours?)].

I'll save you the trouble in future, and you can have the threads, all to yourself.

elmo (skin thick as anyone's)


Ted's my man. But I'd bet on a snowball in hell first. There is no country left. And thus, won't be anything left to save, come January 2017 [but yeah, the buildings are still standing. For now (that's my Rush shoutot)]. Even if he could. Waiting for Mr. Goodbar? Good Luck. It's already over. And we lost. And so did the World. But maybe I missed (the meaning of life), in the latest Rubio/Bush toilet swirl?

Feathers on a string. And all the kitties are playing. What a joke.