Monday, November 30, 2015

University of Chicago Surrenders to Jihad

By Karl Denninger

And yet again UofC shows why you should shred any resume you get from any of their grads.

The University of Chicago announced Sunday that all classes and other activities planned for Monday on its Hyde Park campus will be canceled after FBI counterterrorism officials informed the university of a gun violence threat to the campus.

University President Robert Zimmer sent an email to students and staff warning them of a threat posted online by an unknown individual, which specifically mentioned "the campus quad" at 10 a.m. Monday.

President Zimmer is a coward.

Assuming the threat is credible (and the FBI apparently thinks it is) there are a very small number of people who threatened to do something evil with a gun.

There are thousands of people that attend, either as students or employees, at UofC.

Tell them to bring their guns.

Want to try to playing Allah Akhbar or similar?  Go ahead when everyone around you is carrying.  It'll last 2 seconds and you'll get exactly one round off -- maybe -- before you're dropped where you stand.

See, nobody has eyes in the back of their head.  This means that while you can try something like this in an armed society you won't get anywhere doing it and your horrific plan will simply turn into a suicide, which suits me just fine.

Instead today our "first response" is for thousands to cower in fear?

May I remind you that on June 6th, 1944 thousands of Americans, most of them young boys, faced German machine guns and artillery pieces while storming a beach and dropping out of the sky?  They went, many of them died within seconds and all knew exactly what they were facing before going.  They went anyway and they prevailed.  If they hadn't gone you'd be speaking German right now.

No, I do not want anyone who has the UofC's response to such a threat working for me and you shouldn't either.


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