Wednesday, November 11, 2015

WANNABE DICTATOR: Hillary Campaign Demands Hollywood’s Famous Laugh Factory Take Down Insulting Video

Joseph from the Laugh Factory writes:

I work at the Laugh Factory and we put up a video of our comedians talking about Hillary the other night.

Lo and behold, a person from her camp contacted us to take it down.

I think this is outrageous. Political correctness is infringing on nearly every facet of our daily lives.

The comedy stage is a sanctuary for freedom of speech and the First Amendment no matter who is offended. This isn’t Soviet Russia.

I don’t think it should be taken down no matter what. I hope you agree and share with your audience before the PC culture police claim another victim.

We should never forget what our forefathers said about the Freedom of Speech.

Actually, Joseph, this shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

"Inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out" is the motto of the invaluable Frontpage Magazine.

And they're right.

Once in a while, these wannabe fascists show a little ankle. And Hillary is the worst of the lot.



Unknown said...

Poor hillinsky, just can't catch a break, now let's hear some bath house Barry jokes!

Doug said...

They can give up their satire and ridicule. I hope they don't. It would be the worst thing possible. Big big mistake.
I hope they figure out if they refuse to take down their video, they become even more legitimate and psychopaths like clinton become even more illegitimate.
I'll never give up my rifle.
I know in my bones I'm going to need it and every bullet I can get before these cultural marxist are defeated.

Anonymous said...

Too bad none of that shit was funny.

Anonymous said...

To Doug above - I think you are 110% correct. Things, by design and communist/fascist orchestrators, are getting out of hand. Keep your powder dry - America is gonna need it.