Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: More Syrians Show Up at Mexican Border

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More Syrians Show Up at Mexican Border: Daniel Greenfield
The ‘refugee’ crisis is jihad by another name: Monica Crowley
Contained! State Dept. issues 'worldwide travel alert': Pete Kasperowicz

Hack’s Axiom: Quote Me On This: Taxicab Depressions
The America-Basher in Chief Rolls On: David Limbaugh
Left and Right Agree: Obama Is Out of Touch on Terror: Jon Gabriel

"A bunch of killers with social media" is a street gang. Not ISIS.: Ron Fournier
Obama trashes America in speech in Malaysia: Thomas Lifson
When the Third World Attacks!: Ann Coulter

Rival campaigns starting to fear Ted Cruz: Katie Glueck
Donors line up behind Kasich Super PAC planning Trump attack: Emily Flitter
Can GOP Party Bosses Rig Rules to Keep Trump from Winning?: Steven Rosenfeld


Obamacare Endures the Death of a Thousand Facts: David Catron
If You Think Corporate Inversions Are Bad, Blame Politicians, not Pfizer: Dan Mitchell
As Obamacare collapses, HHS says you need to bail out crony insurers: Thomas Lifson

Scandal Central

Emails show DOD analysts told to 'cut it out' on ISIS warnings; IG probe expands: Catherine Herridge
Analysts Accuse CENTCOM of Covering Up Cooked ISIS Intelligence: Daily Beast
Delinquency: Rodney Graves

DHS Knew Illegal Aliens Falsely Claimed “Credible Fear” to Stay in U.S.: JW
Grassley steps up Senate probe of Clinton emails: Sarah Westwood
Clinton Foundation’s Colombian ‘Private Equity Fund’ Was Unregistered: Alana Goodman

Climate & Energy

The Pause Started In 1993: NALOPKT
The Silly Season: Campaign Speeches and Promises: Elephants
Paris Climate Summit Can Totally Bring About Peace Or Something: William Teach


DC Police Chief: Your Best Option for Surviving A Terror Attack Are The Guns We Deny You: Bob Owens
Israeli infiltrates European Muslim community part 1 of 4: MRCTV
Brutal Meme Reveals a Hard Truth About Islam and Refugees: Steve Straub

Washington Post’s Fact Checker Doesn’t Read the Washington Post: John Hinderaker
Open Letter To: Limbaugh, Levin, Ingraham, Hannity, Savage, et. al.: Treehouse
What NBC Copy Editors Should Have Sent Back: CAMERA

Ashland student gov. endorses free speech, condemns Mizzou protests: Peter Fricke
Pew Research Poll: 40% of Millennials Support Speech Bans: Patterico
American Universities Begin to Implode: Dennis Prager

More Odious Examples of Welfare-Subsidized Terrorism: Dan Mitchell
MSNBC Poster Boy for “Islamophobia” Arrested In Turkey For Being ISIS Terrorist Cell: Treehouse
'Clock Kid' Ahmed Mohamed, family suing Texas city, school for $15 million: Fox News


Third Paris stadium jihad suicide bomber identified as “refugee” who came via Greece: Robert Spencer
The Global "Vietnam": Richard Fernendez
Paris attacks: Bataclan killers 'wanted to get out alive' say police: Mirror

Obama to Pentagon: Find an excuse for why I said ISIS was contained when it obviously wasn’t: Doug Powers
Al Qaeda has not been neutralized: LWJ
If ISIS Supporters Were A Country, How Big Would It Be?: Hannity

In Spite Of Obama’s Claims, No Refuge In U.S. For 27 Iraqi Christians Fleeing Religious Persecution: Patterico
State Dept. Finally Acknowledges Murder Of American Jewish Teen Ezra Schwartz: Tammy Bruce
Obama Admin Paused Iraq Refugee Program In 2011: Sean Davis

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Half-Mile Spider Web Blankets Tennessee Suburb: Danny Clemens, Discovery News
Is Twitter killing share counts a smart move or completely self-destructive?: Stuart Thomas
Boston Children’s Teams Up with Hollywood FX Firm for Surgical Simulation: MedGadget


Obama Should Be Forced to Resign: Paul R. Hollrah
Who Watches the Watchmen?: MOTUS
Obama makes devil’s horns hand-sign in Turkey?: Fellowship

Image: Russian warplane shot down; Turkey says aircraft violated airspace near border
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #GuardianOfTheConstitution: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "[A] lawless, corrupt government run by an elite oligarchy that plunders our treasury, bankrupts cities and even States, taxes the productive and redistributes wealth in order to curry the favor and votes of the unproductive, flouts the law as a matter of course, permits (and subsidizes) an organization like Planned Parenthood to massacre millions of infants and sell their organs, weaponizes the tax system to punish it’s critics, surveils the citizenry, and routinely violates the protections of the Constitution can not go on, either.

What can not go on, will NOT go on." --Taxicab Depressions


Anonymous said...

The Quote Of The Day is exactly right. Obama must be forced to resign or militarily REMOVED from office. The corruption, lawlessness and ignoring the wishes of the people is way, way out of hand. I blame the media and leadership of BOTH parties for refusing to see and ignoring what Obama is - an American-hating Muslim. GET RID OF HIM.

Anonymous said...

"Be afraid, be very afraid",
Insect Politics from our Bug Headed Leader.