Tuesday, November 24, 2015

FAILURE FUNNIES: Or "How to Burn $200 Million on a Complete Zero of a Candidate"

Once again, our summer intern @BiffSpackle nails it, the subtext of which remains the timeless question about the ill-fated campaign of Jeb Bush: "What, Jon Huntsman wasn't available?"

Which explains why losers like ¡Yeb! and ¡RubINO! are attacking outsiders like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


Unknown said...

I have a serious question.

Why are there no DINO's? We have plenty of RINO's but not one single DINO. Not one single Democrat who is a "moderate" or a closet Conservative, but countless Republicans who are obvious Liberals.

Why is that?

directorblue said...

Heather, that's an outstanding question. Let me ruminate on that one. All the best for Thanksgiving! Doug

Robert Arvanitis said...

A thought on DINOs.
They exist all right, think of Scoop Jackson in the old days, or Joe Lieberman more recently. Normal people here in Connecticut were shocked when a classic (and classy) liberal like Joe was primaried.
But the Democrat party enforces ideologically obedience so strictly that one misstep, you're out, and like the old Soviet parade photos, you are airbrushed out of existence.

Anonymous said...

Registered Independents = DINOs