Friday, November 27, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Prepare to Be Blindsided in 2016

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Prepare to Be Blindsided in 2016: Matthew Continetti
FBI elite teams tracking almost 50 high-risk ISIS suspects: Catherine Herridge
List of Refugee Jihadis Secretly Arrested in U.S. [CAUTION: GRAPHIC]: Pamela Geller

Ohio: 5 Muslim Foreign Nationals Arrested with Identify Theft Equipment: Creeping
Muslim Harvard librarian arrested on child sex charges: Eric Levenson
Media That Claimed Bush Chilled Speech Strangely Quiet Now: Mollie Hemingway

Hillary Clinton, Underdog: Scott Rasmussen
Insiders: Trump’s grip on Iowa is tenuous: Steven Shepard
Too late for Carson to catch up on homework: Jonah Goldberg

The Rise of Cruz in Iowa Explained: VaRight
Rubio Calls For U.S. To Defend Turkey Against Russia: Hunter Wallace
Plan A for GOP donors: Wait for Trump to fall. (There is no Plan B.): WaPo


“Temporary” Taxes Forever: Ben Boychuk
Woodrow Wilson and the Campus Taliban: Daniel J. Flynn
Google deems Bernie Sanders’ economic plan a ‘phishing scam’: Stephen Dinan

Scandal Central

WHITE HOUSE: Iran Deal Is Not ‘Legally Binding’ and Iran Didn’t Sign It.: Joel Gehrke
Obama administration released illegal immigrant children to criminals’ homes: Times
One More Destructive Thing Obama Is Determined To Do Before He Leaves Office: BCN

Climate & Energy

Similarities to Jim Jones and the Cult of Climate Change: Arkady Bukh, Esq.
Obama’s EPA Spending MILLIONS Overseas: Ethan Barton
Appeals court: EPA head doesn't have to give deposition in coal company lawsuit: Fox


Wait! A CNN Reporter Coordinated Benghazi Coverage With Hillary Clinton? No!: RS
Fit to print? NY Times smears GOP 'bigotry,' 'insanity': Pete Kasperowicz
Wikipedia founder advocates for updating policies following 'The Hunting Ground' controversy: Asche Schow

Amanda Blackburn Wasn’t the Only One They Murdered: MB
Economist/YouGov Poll: Trump Has 22-point Lead, Carson Slips to 4th: NewsMax
The Survivors Must Decide: Christian Mercenary

Chicago cover-up comes to an end: Exam
DC Police Chief: Civilians Should Shoot Mass Shooters "Before Police Can Get There": John Lott
Charles Koch: My body is full of harpoons: Yahoo! Finance


Belgium is a failed state: Daniel Hannan
IAEA: No Ironclad assurance all of Iran regime’s nuclear program is peaceful.: MFS-TON
Paris massacre cops arrest German arms dealer, as 800 'ISIS weapons' seized: Express

Massive PR push underway to change American minds on Syrian Muslim resettlement to US: Ann Corcoran
Underground ISIS bomb-making lair found littered with US-made guns and drugs: Express
The Derangement of the British Left: James Kirchick

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Raspberry Pi Rolls Out $5 Computer: Amir Mizroch
End of daily injections for diabetes as scientists restore insulin production: Telegraph
Caught On Tape: China Builds A Bridge In Just 43 Hours: ZH


Have a happy, politics-free Thanksgiving: Michelle Malkin
Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 Thanksgiving Proclamation: Publius
An Appeal To American Journalists: Aging Rebel

Image: Uhm, Teen Beats 91-Year Old White Man To Death, Sets Body On Fire
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #GuardianOfTheConstitution: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "Chanting “Long live the Intifada,” University of Texas at Austin activists recently stormed a class to protest and disrupt a talk by a guest lecturer.

Waving Palestinian flags and shouting anti-Israel epithets, twelve members of the Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC) entered the public event, sponsored by Institute for Israeli Studies Professor Ami Pedahzur and hosting Stanford University military historian Dr. Gil-Li Vardi...

...Since that episode, which took place on Friday, November 13, mere hours before Paris was brutally attacked by ISIS terrorists, Pedahzur, professor of government and founding director of the Institute for Israel Studies, has become the focus of a PSC intimidation campaign." --Ruthie Blum


Anonymous said...

I've been posting the following on every site I frequent because it is important:

Yes, the GOPe has disgusted their "base" badly enough that many conservatives have changed their voter registration from Republican to Independent. By doing so, if you live in a closed primary state (they are listed - just do a search for them online), and you want to vote for Ted Cruz, Trump or Carson, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO VOTE FOR THEM IN THE REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY if you live in a closed primary state. You will NOT get a voting ballot because you are not registered as a Republican. So, you MUST contact your voter registrar in the county you reside in the "closed" primary state you live in and CHANGE FROM INDEPENDENT to REPUBLICAN. I did this online at my county's Website of my closed primary state. You can also go to the county registrar's office and make the change. The GOPe are fully aware that many Republicans have changed their "party" affiliation to Independent because of the traitorous actions of the GOPe. They ARE COUNTING on you not being able to vote in the primary for Trump or Cruz because you are no longer registered Republican. So - MAKE THE CHANGE BACK TO REPUBLICAN ASAP! You can always change back after the 2016 elections. DO IT!

Barry Popik said...

The Los Angeles Times is being sold. What becomes of the Khalidi tape?
LA Times To Be Sold To Philanthropist Eli Broad, Says Rupert Murdoch
Reuters By Dan Levine
Posted: 11/27/2015 06:20 PM EST
RED ALERT Tip: Two quotes from the Obama-Khalidi videotape