Thursday, November 19, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: State Department Tells Congress Syrian Refugees Can Live ‘Wherever They Want’

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State Dept. Says Syrian Refugees Can Live ‘Wherever They Want’: Tammy Bruce
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TSA Says 73 Employees Were on Terror Watch List: Emily Zanotti
Guns, Butter and Budgetary Baloney: Veronique De Rugy
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Scandal Central

Clinton foreign policy record scrutinized after ISIS attack: Sarah Westwood
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Refugee ‘Religious Test’ Is ‘Shameful’, ‘Not American’ -- Except Federal Law Requires It: Andrew C. McCarthy


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Iran uranium stockpile grows after deal with Obama: Philip Klein
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Canada: Police shoot Muslim wearing apparent suicide vest: Robert Spencer
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Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Lost Sense Of Smell A Warning Sign For Early Alzheimer’s : Luis Mazariegos
Attackers Embracing Steganography to Hide Communication: Chris Brook
Google and the Future of Apps: Jan Dawson


Obama has 'fantasized' about owning NBA team after presidency: Paul Bedard
Top 101 counties with the highest percentage of residents that keep firearms around their homes: City Data
What does the inscription on Obama’s ring say?: Jerome R. Corsi (2012)

Image: Obama’s ring
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #GuardianOfTheConstitution: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "...both FBI Director Comey and Homeland Security Secretary Johnson admitted they do not currently have the ability to properly screen and conduct sufficient background checks on these refugees... Comey admitted that determining which refugees could pose a threat would be “challenging.”

... [Lamar Smith, the] Texas congressional representative said, “Yet the president continues to insist we bring Syrian refugees to the United States.” He added, “We know that at least one of the ISIS attackers immigrated to France in recent weeks as part of their refugee program.” The terrorist group has also said it will try to infiltrate the U.S. using the refugee program.

Smith concluded, “At a time when we are on high alert, all plans for relocating Syrian refugees should come to a screeching halt. We should not allow Syrian refugees into our country until this administration can guarantee that they pose no danger to the American people.”" --Lana Shadwick

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