Sunday, November 29, 2015

THOUGHTFUL: Saudi King Gives Obama Replica of Mecca Clock Tower Built by the Bin Laden Group

By Daniel Greenfield

What do you get the politician who has everything?

The Saudis have some thoughts on what to get that hard-to-shop for world leader.

How about a "48-inch gold-plated brass replica of the Makkah Clock Tower on marble base”. With falling oil prices, the Saudis were too cheap to make it solid gold. 

The Mecca or Makkah clock tower is built in the Islamic apartheid holy city (no non-Muslims allowed) by the Bin Laden group. Because when you give an American politician a replica of something, it should

1. Be a replica of a place that he wouldn't be allowed to visit unless he converted to Islam

2. Be constructed by the Bin Laden group for extra thoughtfulness

3. Be hideously ugly

There's no photo of the Mecca clock tower replica, but other replicas for sale duplicate the "Allahu Akbar" inscription meaning "Allah is Greater than your god", a hateful message first shouted by Mohammed during his massacres of Jews.

It should be quite at home in the White House.



commoncents said...

Video - Gov. Chris Christie on State of the Union Full Interview

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Anonymous said...

Appropriate gift to a man who wears a ring bearing the same inscription. One has to wonder about the IQ of people who voted for Obama.

Anonymous said...

How will Obama react to this gift as compared to his reaction to the bust of Winston Churchill that he sent back to the UK government.

-- the BuckWheat is anonymous

Anonymous said...

The Saudis - led by one of the most tyrannical family and their obsession with everything 'jihad' - exporting their radical views and action of 'whabbism'(sp?) - giving their compatriot and brother this gift should not surprise anyone.

As one commenter already said in his/her comment before mine - he wears a ring and has worn that ring long, long before he ever married and entered politics - expressing and honoring his own devotion to their sun god allah.

Anonymous said...

Correction: allah is not a sun god but is a pagan moon god. Hidden at mecca in a square black tent is the meteorite rock god allah that these pagan-satan belivers walk around.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to tell the Marxist/Fascist/Muslim monster TO HIS FACE where he can "shove" that Clock.