Sunday, November 15, 2015

CAUTION: 15 Photos From the Paris Terror Attacks You’ll Never See in Legacy Media

Caution: there are several graphic photos included in this series

Legacy media has a long and undistinguished history of whitewashing Islamist terror attacks on the West. The 9/11 attacks, Bali, London, Madrid and now Paris have been largely sanitized. In 2003, for example, The Guardian was caught photoshopping pictures of the Madrid train bombings to erase severed limbs.

Earlier today, London's Telegraph pixelated the aftermath of the Paris attacks in the Bataclan concert hall.

In my opinion, we adults have to deal with the reality of Islamist terror attacks. We have to understand the inhumanity, the carnage, the very real tragedy engendered by an ideology that places no value on human life.

In light of that, the following photographs and screen-caps have not been circulated by media because they show the reality of Islamonazism.

The concert in Bataclan moments before the shooting began. Four men dressed in black, apparently wearing backpacks, had entered the venue to begin the assault.

One videographer's apartment was behind the concert venue. After the shooting began, he started filming. People tumbled out of the rear exit, some apparently dead, others bleeding and badly wounded. Several on upper floors hung out of windows to save themselves.

Several people dragged victims from the rear of the concert hall, leaving trails of blood behind them.

One man -- whose foot appeared to be shattered -- hopped away from the scene.

For a few moments the shooting paused.

Several badly wounded people at the rear exit were unable to move.

One man dragged a girl to safety.

Around the corner from the front of the hall, a badly wounded female is attended to by a young male.

On the street in front, a victim lies motionless.

The police arrive, gather in confusion, and are then shot at by terrorists. They run for cover.

On the street, where drive-by shootings occurred, the body of a victim is sprawled near a vehicle.

Before first responders arrive, two concertgoers carry a badly wounded victim out of the hall.

Near the entrance of the venue, bodies of the dead and wounded lie.

Still waiting for responders, concertgoers and passers-by assist the victims.

This is what Islamic terrorism looks like.

This is reality.

This is what we have to look forward to in the U.S. until we elect a president who will enforce immigration laws and seal the border.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


Anonymous said...

oh the anger.

Doom said...

Seal the borders? Not without deportations to go with it. That would be like having invited murderers into a house already, then suggesting preventing anyone in or out would be good. Maybe good, but not for the unarmed. Not even for the law-abiding armed. Remove illegals and many legal immigrants. Lock the borders at the same time.

Truth is, it won't matter, nothing will be done. We have had 9/11, the Boston bombings, and dozens of other incidents. Nothing is or will be done, here or most likely even in Europe. People must endure what they elect.

Mike aka Proof said...

Damn those Internet videos!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing will be done.
Doing something will make voters unhappy because war takes money away from the delivery of free stuff. Free stuff is why Hillary and Bernie are so popular, they make promises To keep the free stuff flowing. The military is being filled with guys that get a hard on when they takes showers with other guys. The generals have been purged and the State Dept. watches porn all day on unsecured computers.
G-d will protect Israel and punish states that try to destroy them, like the USA. All because voters want more free stuff all while parents are eating their children by running up a debt that the kids/slaves can't pay.
The good part is that Obama has only a little over a year to go, yippie........
Just a year, what could go wrong?

Anonymous said...


How are we going to overcome our government, both political parties, the media, the entertainment industries, most of the churches, the charitable trusts and funds and the educational institutions from kindergarten to grad school that are making the suicide of the West a work in progress?

Anonymous said...