Monday, August 01, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Do Black Lives Really Matter to Democrats? The Last American Presidential Election

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Do Black Lives Really Matter to Democrats?: Dan O'Donnell
The Last American Presidential Election: Christian Mercenary
Clinton VP pick Kaine: Promoting jihad in America for cash: Karin McQuillan

Trump and the Polls: The Z Man
It's the Supreme Court, stupid: Hugh Hewitt
Trump Had Every Right to Fire Back at Khizr Khan: Ralph Retort

Valerie Jarrett Already Was Our First Female President: Daniel John Sobieski
Dozens Show Up To Hear Hillary In Cleveland: The “Bus Tour” is Over: Treehouse
Washington Post: Hillary Clinton is an inveterate liar: John Sexton

The bogus Khizr Khan kerfuffle, which is meant to silence conservatives : Bookworm
Thiel’s Republicans Depart from Reagan: Star Parker
The ordeal of listening to Hillary on the Second Amendment: Althouse


After big Chicago tax hike, 23 aldermen avoid higher bills or pay less: Marathon
DNC: It’s so appropriate to hold it in the City of Brotherly Love!: First Street
It’s time to yank Tesla’s direct line to the U.S. treasury: Myron Ebell

Scandal Central

It's Time to Disbar Hillary: Steve Deace
Obama regime targets gunsmiths with new executive order: Sam Rolley
Leaks: Prosecutors Intended To Charge Cops In Freddie Gray Case No Matter What Evidence Showed: WZ

Under Barack Obama, National Debt Increases $100 Million Every Hour of Every Day: NewAm
Harry Reid is the latest Democrat not to be prosecuted for breaking the law: Jazz Shaw
NSA Architect: Agency Has All of Clinton’s Deleted Emails: Aaron Klein

Climate, Energy & Regulations

A Warm Period by Any Other Name – The Climatic Optimum: Dr. Tim Ball
Hillary Goes to Pennsylvania to Talk Manufacturing---Tells Coal Workers to Find Other Work : Jim Hoft


Media Rush To Use Khizr Kahn as Leverage To Aid Candidate Hillary Clinton: Treehouse
Manafort to Chuck Todd: "You're Now Repeating The Talking Points Of The Clinton Campaign": RCP
Team Trump: Debate schedule instant replay of Dems' blindside on Sanders: Fox

WaPost Fact Check: Four Pinocchios For Hillary Clinton ¯\_(ツ)_/¯: Twitchy
Albany Hoax: Black Students Perpetrators, Not Victims, of violence and epithets: WGBAL
Hillary: ‘I Don’t Hold Any Ill Feeling’ Against Benghazi Families Who Misunderstood Me: Mark Finkelstein

Alanna Bennett Proves Why Online Dating Is for Desperate Losers: R.S. McCain
Feinstein: Hillary Won't Hold Pressers Because Questions Are Always About Emails and Benghazi: Breitbart
Why ‘white trash’ Americans are flocking to Donald Trump: Kyle Smith


The most dangerous anti-American force isn’t ISIS, it’s Iran: Robert Spencer
As the Saudis Covered Up Abuses in Yemen, America Stood By: Samuel Oakford
Arms Stolen from Weapons Room on US Military Base in Stuttgart: John Vandiver

The DNC Convention in Philadelphia Was An Anti-Israel Hate-Fest: Jeff Dunetz
Khizr Khan, Servant of the Global Umma: Robert Spencer
Massive wave of anti-EU sentiment in nations including France and Germany: Express

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Is Twitter "Shadow-Banning" Donald Trump?: ZH
10K Google Wi-Fi kiosks are collecting millions of faces and MAC addresses: MassPrivatel
Russia’s secret super submarine fleet could be unstoppable: Mark Hodge


A Personal Plea: Law Officer
Face Freeze: MOTUS
Ain't That the Truth: Feral Irishman

Image: Media Rush To Use Khizr Kahn as Leverage To Aid Candidate Hillary Clinton
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "Even if the pollsters are playing it straight, they are facing an impossible task. What will this electorate be like compared to previous elections? We know lots of new voters are turning up. That was the story of the primary. We know lots of people are changing teams. Nationals Review, The Federalist and Red State are now wearing their woman cards, backing a candidate they excoriated just a year ago. At the same time, old Lefty warhorses like Susan Sarandon are flirting with Trump.

At least for now, no poll, even those that make you feel good, should be trusted. We are in uncharted territory in many ways. The pollsters, even those playing it straight, are just as lost as everyone else. More important, the people we tend to rely on for information are feverishly working against our interests to a level we have never seen. If they are willing to claim Trump is working for the KGB, they will say anything and do anything. All bets are off now, so trust no one." --The Z Man

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