Sunday, August 21, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Trump 2.0? Dems worried about influence-peddling optics of Clinton Global Initiative

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Trump 2.0?: John Hinderaker
Dems worried about influence-peddling optics of Clinton Global Initiative: Ed Morrissey
Trump: What Do Black People Have to Lose: PJM

What’s Wrong With Her? No Campaign Stops Scheduled for Hillary: Jim Hoft
Clinton's health continues to spur controversy and conspiracy: Fox
With a comfortable lead, Clinton begins laying plans for her White House agenda: WaPo

Irony Squared: Could Donald Trump Be the Savior of Black America?: Roger L. Simon
Hillary Brown-shirts Attack Motorcade, Assault Trump Supporters: Jerome Hudson
Violent attacks against Trump supporters continue apace: Carol Brown

Verbal Whoring Employed To Defend A President Who Would Rather Golf: Patterico
Obama Interrupted 2014 Summer Vacation for Bachelor Party in DC: Kristinn Taylor
Jonah "Tribalism for me, not for thee" Goldberg dismantled in the comments section: AEI


Meet the mini-mogul making bow ties fashionable again: Takara Small
The Feds to Regulate Homeless Shelters: Brent Smith

Scandal Central

Whole families are fleeing this tiny country and entering the U.S. in massive numbers: Tim Rogers
Poor People Can’t Be Jailed For Not Being Able To Pay Bail, Justice Department Says: Lauren C. Williams
More than half of Clinton Foundation’s major donors would be barred under new rule: WaPo

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Hillary flies 20 miles in private jet from Martha’s Vineyard to Nantucket: Olaf Ekberg
Obama Says Truckers Must Pay Fine To Avoid New Climate Regs: Chris White


Estates of the Realm: The Z Man
6th edition of Macmillan geography textbook riddled with anti-Israel errors: Elder of Ziyon
Mike Cernovich was Verified on Twitter? (Hater Bait): Mike Cernovich

That Videotape and Benghazi: a Review of Kenneth Timmerman's Deception: Richard Kirk
Media Protects Vacationing Obama From Further Trump Humiliation: Kristinn Taylor
Trump huddles with Hispanic backers to plot outreach drive: Keith Koffler


The Islamic State responds to Pope Francis: “We are making a religious war, and we hate you”: Vlad Tepes
Islamic State Calls for Attacks on Civilians in Europe and America: William Reed
Burkini wars heat up: topless woman attacked by Muslims on Corsican beach: Victor Laszlo

Obama's immigrant vetting doesn't ask if they're ISIS, al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood: Paul Bedard
Syrian regime jets hit Kurdish positions, even after US warning: AFP
US sending delegation to Turkey to weigh extradition of cleric: report: Nikita Vladimirov

Venezuela’s gun confiscation should be a wake-up call to pro-gun Americans: Art McGrath
Over-Hyped Muslim-American Olympian’s Hatred & Bigotry Exposed: Creeping
Calais - Scenes of war: SPEISA

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The reality of VR porn: John Holden
The delicate "war laces" of World War I: Karen Thompson
How To Build A 400 sqft Solar Powered Off Grid Cabin For $2000: Joe Martino


Cave of Zedekiah: The Secret Grotto of Jerusalem: Bryan Hill
Remembering One of the Things That Made America Great: MOTUS
Comedian Steven Crowder Looks to Debunk ‘Common Sense’ Gun Control in Undercover Video: Steven Crowder

Image: Verbal Whoring Employed To Defend A President Who Would Rather Golf
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "Another major issue in this campaign has been the border. Our open border has allowed drugs and crime and gangs to pour into our communities. So much needless suffering, so much preventable death. I’ve spent time with the families of wonderful Americans whose loved ones were killed by the open borders and Sanctuary Cities that Hillary Clinton supports.

I’ve embraced the crying parents who’ve lost their children to violence spilling across our border. Parents like Laura Wilkerson and Michelle Root and Sabine Durden and Jamiel Shaw whose children were killed by illegal immigrants.

My opponent supports Sanctuary Cities.

But where was the sanctuary for Kate Steinle? Where was the sanctuary for the children of Laura, Michelle, Sabine and Jamiel?

Where was the sanctuary for every other parent who has suffered so horribly?

These moms and dads don’t get a lot of consideration from our politicians. They certainly don’t get apologies. They’ll never even get the time of day from Hillary Clinton." --Donald J. Trump


Anonymous said...

Fast citizenship test:

1) If you have more than one wife---forget it.
2) If you believe in polygamy---forget it.
3) If your wife is under 16---forget it.
4) If you believe Shari'a law if preferable to the Constitution---forget it.
5) If you or your wife or girlfriend is wearing a hijab---forget it.
6) If you won't touch a piece of bacon---forget it.
7) If you don't have a job lined up---forget it.
9) If you can grab more than an inch of beard---forget it.
10) If you can't speak English within a year of your arrival---good-bye.

Anonymous said...

11) If you own slaves--adios.