Thursday, August 18, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Here’s How “President Hillary” Could Easily Destroy Gun Rights

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Here’s How “President Hillary” Could Easily Destroy Your Gun Rights: Bob Owens
The Trump Speech That Will Win Him the Presidency*: John Hinderaker
Where’s the letter from Democratic security officials opposing Hillary?: Victor Davis Hanson

Obama Won't Pause Vacation to Comment on Floods or Riots: Andrew Stiles
As Aleppo is destroyed, Mr. Obama stands by: Washington Post Editorial Board
DOJ pushes “implicit bias training” for local police officers: Paul Mirengoff

All Clinton emails the FBI recovered will be made public: Ethan Barton
FBI releases Clinton interview documents and it’s worse than expected: Frieda Powers
Must See: Photos of Hillary Clinton Propped Up on Pillows: Andrew Stiles

Trump Wants to Do What the Netherlands Already Does: Henry Johnson
Driver at NYC Gas Station Found With AK-47, Hundreds of Rounds: Marc Santia
South Carolina teens rob, kill man who helped pull car from ditch: NYDN


Promising More of Everything — Except for Growth: Veronique De Rugy
Refugees sue Pennsylvania district: ‘Did not find the school that I deserved’: Victor Skinner
Trump: Democrats ‘Betrayed’ Black Community: Edmund Kozak

Scandal Central

An alleged ‘agent’ of Iran transferred from Guantanamo to the UAE: Thomas Joscelyn
A preview of Hillary Clinton's presidency: Government For Sale: WyBlog
Lawyer Hillary Vs The Allegedly Raped Child: S&L (2008)

Climate, Energy & Regulations

‘Climate crusader’ California Gov. Jerry Brown took huge sums of money from “big oil”: Anthony Watts


Col. Ralph Peters talks legacy after Gitmo: ‘Lincoln freed the slaves, Obama freed the terrorists’: Frieda Powers
So Who Fact-Checks the Fact-Checkers?: Debra Saunders
Lamont Hill: Just Because Poor Cities Are Run by Democrats, Doesn't Mean Democrats Are to Blame: Kristine Marsh


Experts Issue Stern Warning About Storage Of US Nuclear Weapons In Post-Coup Turkey: Yochanan Visser
US moves nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania: EurActiv
Krauthammer: Russian Ops In Iran And Syria Signal "The Collapse Of The Obama Policy": Tim Hains

'Xenophobia is Highly Rational and Justified': Norwegian Police Chief: Oliver JJ Lane
Germany: Muslim arrested for Islamic State plot to explode nail-filled bomb at town festival: Robert Spencer
Parts of Malmö are bright at night: SPEISA

Donald Trump’s Outreach to Moderate Muslim Leaders Highlights Clinton Failure in Egypt: Tera Dahl
Russia Is Winning the War Before the War: James D. Durso
Since 2000 France pulled down 33 Christian churches; built more than 1,000 mosques: Vlad Tepes

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Grinding To A Halt: The Z Man
Navy Pilots Describe How the F-35’s Brains Will Change Air Warfare: Patrick Tucker
Why it’s time to dump your outdated applicant tracking system: Sharon Florentine


“I Ain’t No Ways Tired”: MOTUS
Parents of NYC Runner Found Strangled in Park Make Unusual Offer to Killer: Michael George and Ida Siegal
Hillary’s press secretary gets slapped down by reporter over 100% accurate Kaine-Lewinsky quote: Twitchy

Image: Haunting Image Of Syrian Boy Rescued From Rubble Show True Horrors Of Aleppo
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QOTD: "The Iranians are fanatically nationalistic, they never allow anybody to operate out of their territory. For Russia to be operating bombers out of Iranian air bases and going over Iraqi territory that used to be under our control is a demonstration of the total bankruptcy and the collapse of the Obama policy. The whole idea of the Iran deal was a rapprochement between us and Iran. Instead it’s a rapprochement between Iran and Russia.

Now that all the sanctions are gone, it’s shipping over the most advanced air defense systems, using Iranian airspace, acting as allies. This has never happened before.

The entire northern part of the Middle East is now under an Iranian–Russian condominium because this administration and its naïveté has allowed Russia and Iran to progress with no resistance and with nothing on our side. You have Hezbollah in the fight as well. This is a very powerful coalition, and the Arabs are defenseless without us and we are nowhere to be seen." --Charles Krauthammer

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