Thursday, August 04, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Serfs with Guns; The 2016 Race Is Not Over

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Serfs with Guns: Christian Mercenary
The 2016 Race Is Not Over: Amy Walter, Cook Political
‘Virtually All Constitutional Scholars Agree’ Muslim Immigration Ban Legal: Creeping

I Guess It Depends On What The Definition of “Ransom” Is: Patterico
Obama Administration Refuses To Give Details About Ransom Payment To Iran: RCP
Republicans Consider Next Steps After News of Obama Gave Ransom to Iran: Josh Siegel

Donald Trump, Postmodern Candidate: Victor Davis Hanson
How did Tim Huelskamp lose his primary that badly?: Jazz Shaw
'Conservatives' cheering loss of Huelskamp have lost their conscience: Daniel Horowitz

Another Transparent Media Polling Prediction Comes To Pass…: Treehouse
Where Is the ‘Hillary Lied, People Died’ Crowd?: Larry Elder
America's Oligarchs Support Clinton Almost Unanimously: Eric Zuesse


Student Debt Crisis: Predictable Result of Government Subsidies: Dan Mitchell
Hillary Says She Will “Raise Taxes On The Middle Class”, Crowd Cheers: John S. Roberts
No “Country Club Bum”: Charles Koch, unfiltered: ACC

Scandal Central

ATF: We Demand a Gun ConfiscationRegistry: WeaponsMan
Obama Shortens Sentences For 56 Federal Prisoners With Gun Convictions: Chuck Ross
Obama secretly paid $400-mil “ransom” to Iran that Democrats called “a deal for taxpayers”: Christine Williams

DHS gives Somali Muslims special airport security tours because they felt profiled: JW
The Wrath of Khan: Ann Coulter
Illegal immigrant gets $300K scholarship to attend University of Chicago: Anthony Gockowski

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Senate Liberals, Target Climate Change ‘Deniers,’ Demand Donor Lists of 22 Think Tanks: Kevin Mooney
The Clintons Got $3.4M In Fees From Keystone Investors: S&L


Khizr Khan Lies on CNN, Says “No Such Thing as Sharia Law”: Creeping
Report: Authorities Covered Up London Car Bomb Attack: InfoWars
Brigitte Gabriel: 'Liar' Khizr Khan Can't Be A Muslim And Follow The Constitution: Miranda Blue

Elsewhere (209): David Thompson
Howard Kurtz: The Media's Coverage of Donald Trump is Insane: AmPower
Benghazi Victim's Father Flips Script When CNN Asks Him About Trump And Khizr Khan: Tim Hains


Today Germany; Tomorrow America: Stuart Schneiderman
Man stabs six in London, possible terrorism: Anna Giaritelli
Israeli Company Shows Interest in Building Trump's Great Border Wall: EU Times

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Sprinkling of Neural Dust Opens Door to Electroceuticals: Neuroscience News
China's Space Scientists Warn of Extraterrestrial Danger: Daily Galaxy
How I came to play Pokemon Go beyond the bounds of human ability and sanity: Brad Flora


How To Pack For A Day Hike: Herschel Smith
I Told You Idiots That Crossbows Were Horrible: Ace
What Not To Wear, Ever. Episode 2751: MOTUS

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QOTD: "This nation is the result of politicians being tolerated by the populace. It is the result of economics being delegated to the bankers. It is the result of bureaucrats (apparatchiks) running wild with regulations that amount to laws enforced at the point of a gun or the threat of prison. It is the result of thinking that a fifteen minute investment (to vote) once every couple of years is enough to keep a handle on all of the children in government. It is the equivalent of thinking one might raise a child with a weekend every couple of years. Logically, we all know that won't work, but when it comes to government, we accept it, believe in it, consider it the most important thing we do and it means exactly nothing.

In truth, we, the governed, are tolerated by the politicians. In any other system, they would have just rounded up the trouble-makers and lined them up along a pit. Don't think they wouldn't like to do just that, but they are biding their time. A republic is too unwieldy, with serfs believing they are princes and princes believing they are kings. To really have control, the politicians need a different system.

The new system is in the works. That's what public education has been about since the 60's, it is what Black Lives Matter is all about and why the politicians support it. It is what judicial activism is all about. It is what political correctness is all about. Political correctness is the language of genocide, it is the way to separate "good" people from "bad" people and to reduce humans to categories. From there, the pits can be dug and the defectives identified. " --Christian Mercenary

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Anonymous said...

Don't you think Hillary should be held to the same standard she had for Vice President Cheney? Dick Cheney had to do back flips to disassociate himself from Halliburton, and Hillary should be required to do the same with the Clinton Foundation and all its associations. In fact, her interest there is so deep that this should be a matter for Committee oversight. If she enters the White Hut she should sparkle like a new goat.