Friday, August 05, 2016

MARK LEVIN: Anyone surprised that Obama paid $400 million in ransom to the head-cutters in Iran?

By Chris Pandolfo

Friday night on the Mark Levin radio show, Conservative Review’s Editor-in-Chief tore apart Secretary of State John F. Kerry’s statement on the $400 million the Obama administration paid to Iran.

Kerry attempted to spin the Obama administration out of what should be a major scandal and the praetorian guard media was compliant. Well, Levin wouldn’t let him get away with it.


“He and the doofus in the White House have armed up the Iranians,” Levin said of John F. Kerry.  

“What we should have done is taken this regime out,” Levin said. We should have used “tighter sanctions” and aided attempts to overthrow the regime, he added.

But because of the Obama administration and John F. Kerry our children and grandchildren may have to deal with a nuclear Iran.

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Rod said...

Without the help of Paul + Mitch he could not have done it. Congress lead by RHINOs!

Anonymous said...

Rod is right, no one is going to stop him and he knows it.