Wednesday, August 31, 2016

LEVIN TO COLIN KAEPERNICK: Stay Seated, Jerk. You're an Insignificant Fly.

By Mark R. Levin

This guy Colin Kaepernick wouldn’t do this in Iran; he wouldn’t do it in Syria; he wouldn’t do it in 90 percent of the countries on the face of the earth; he wouldn’t do it in Cuba.

In other words, he wouldn’t do it in any place where it matters, where you’re really putting your neck on the line, where there truly is injustice and inequality – not because the country isn’t perfect, because the country is horrific.

All over the world we have these horrific countries. This man has benefited from the liberty, not that he’s created, but other men have created: men and women in the military, men and women in law enforcement, men and women in all walks of life. He’s benefited from these things. He hasn’t contributed a damn thing.

Colin Kaepernick: “… without being oppressed. To me this is … .”

Stop. I’ve had enough of that.

Who’s being oppressed in this country? I want to know who’s being oppressed.

You know, if you’re being oppressed that means you are denied your unalienable rights.

Who is being denied their unalienable rights?

You would think if there is oppression in this country we would have a wall and a fence and a moat and everything else to keep people in. We don’t try to keep people in.

Nobody’s forced to stay here. Nobody’s forced to come here.

People are being oppressed?

Then why the hell do people come into this country from Africa, from Asia, from the Middle East, from Latin America? Why the hell do people come here from anywhere? Even more, why do people stay here with all this oppression that’s taking place?

Because a dimwit with a 12 IQ, like this guy, can make $126 million in six years based on one or two seasons, and he still sucks.

When he doesn’t stand during the national anthem it’s not because of social injustice or anything else. He’s spitting on the men and women who are in one hell-hole all over this country fighting for that flag, fighting for this nation, and every one of them that came before them – every one of them.

That’s why this is important – not because of him. He’s unimportant. Not because of one principal who says you can’t bring in the American flag. You might offend an ethnic group. Because this is going on everywhere.

Go ahead.

Colin Kaepernick: “It has to change, and when there’s significant change and I feel like that flag represents what it’s supposed to represent and this country is representin’ people the way that it’s supposed to, I’ll stand. There’s people being murdered unjustly and not being … .”

Alright, stop.

I don’t want you to stand.  I don’t want you to stand. You stay seated. You’re not allowed to stand. You stay seated, you jerk. You stay seated. That’s how you’ll honor this country – by getting out of the way and staying out of the way.

You’re an insignificant fly. That’s right, I said it!

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JoeKidd said...

Colin Kaepernick's protest is tragic irony