Friday, August 05, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: The Two Priorities of the Government

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The Two Priorities of the Government: WeaponsMan
Obama: Jay-Vee Team pursuing 'high profile' terror attacks: Susan Crabtree
Hillary panics after protesters shout near Las Vegas rally stage: Kyle Olson

When Is A Ransom Not A Ransom? When It’s Inconvenient To Call It That: Jonah Goldberg
Radical Islamist Running For Governor of Massachusetts: Bruce Cornibe
Hillary's campaign denies FBI, IRS investigations into Clinton Foundation: Sarah Westwood

Surprised #BlackLivesMatter joined war on Israel? You haven’t been paying attention: LI
Here’s The Iranian Video Of “Hostages for Pallets of Money” the Media Ignores: Treehouse
Gaps in Melania Trump's immigration story raise questions: Politico

One for the road: Clinton nearly doubles lead in new WSJ/NBC poll: Hot Air
Obama eyes takeover of presidential election security: Paul Bedard
Rasmussen Majority: Clinton Deleted Emails To Hide Info From FBI: Max


Report: Hillary Clinton Would Hike Taxes By $1.3 Trillion: Elizabeth Harrington
Deflation Is Always Good for the Economy: Frank Shostak

Scandal Central

UN Backs Secret Obama Takeover of Police: Robert Romano
Government Ruling: Wearing “Don’t Tread On Me” Gadsden Flag Can Be Racist & “Racial Harassment”: AMN
Plane With Hostages Held, Not Allowed To Leave Iran, Until ‘Other Plane’ First Landed: WZ

Climate, Energy & Regulations

State AGs Tried to Hide Climate Probe Geared to Punish Fossil Fuel Companies: Samantha Harris
Is Iowa The Next Nigeria? Arson Suspected in Pipeline Fire: Erwin Cifuentes


If Trump Is Truly Imploding -- and I Don't Think He Is -- Then Why Is the Establishment Panicking?: EIB
Few Clinton or Trump Supporters Have Close Friends in the Other Camp: OpinionToday
DHS employees fall for free Redskins ticket email sting: Paul Bedard


London Attack: American Woman Dead, 5 Injured. Mental Issues “Triggered” Somali Terrorist: Nina Bookout
‘Mental Health Issues’ No Excuse for Islamic Terrorism: Roger L. Simon
French Book About Islamofascism Killed Out of Fear of Islamofascists: MB

Israel: Christian Charity Gaza Head Diverted Cash To Hamas To Build Military Base: Tammy Bruce
Sheriff Clarke: Radicalized Americans Are ‘Enemy Combatants’: CJR
Reporter buys forged Syrian Passport in Turkey — Cost $2,000: Dr. Rich Swier

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

A Hidden Portrait by Edgar Degas: Nature
UPS to fully automate 30 largest U.S. hubs: DC Velocity
Google DeepMind: The smart person's guide: TechRepublic


Goodbye: Maetenloch
Glamour Exclusive: President Barack Obama Says, "This Is What a Feminist Looks Like": Barack Obama
Deceased FBI Agent Found At Trump Tower With Silenced Pistol: Get Off the BS

Image: Reporter buys forged Syrian Passport in Turkey — Cost $2,000
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "The “mythbusting” site Snopes has again turned their myopic eyes to the political world and are rushing to the defense of the Obama Administration in what is being called a “cash for hostages” deal.

What’s amazing is the lengths they will go to in protecting Barack Obama, ignoring key facts and presenting the issue as “old news..."

...“Paying ransom to kidnappers puts Americans even more at risk,” Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., said in a statement. “While Americans were relieved by Iran’s overdue release of illegally imprisoned American hostages, the White House’s policy of appeasement has led Iran to illegally seize more American hostages.”

So those are the facts. Yet Snopes conveniently leaves out one key detail: the Iranians demanded this payment as a condition of releasing those four Americans." --Robert Gehl


Anonymous said...

Did Comey bring Barry Bush back from the dead for the Clinton Campaign?
And, if so, who then are the "enemy combatants" among us?

Anonymous said...

For Hillary to show stark fear in the face of a few rabble rousers, then need to be reminded to "keep speaking" does not bode well for our Republic.
Pelosi showed the same fear, and so do women who possess no real strength but rely on spirits to get the job done.

And Donald had to cancel Florida because of Obama's sons? Aren't there laws on the books that forbid a President from community organizing opposition in an election cycle as well as collusion?

Anonymous said...

So, the story of Barry Lee Bush, the man arrested in NY with a silenced and non-serialized Glock in Trump Tower by the SS has been scrubbed. Dead for 10 years eh? I'd bet even in solitary he'll be dead again soon. Welcome to Arkansas Toto.
Just as a Verizon Rep told me; "if that incident is not in the computer, well sir, I don't mean to call you a liar, but it never happened".