Monday, August 29, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Will real conservatives support the GOP again after this election?

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Will real conservatives support the GOP again after this election?: AWD
Trump vows to swiftly deport criminal illegal immigrants: Ryan Lovelace
Trump challenges Hillary to release ‘detailed’ medical records — She refuses: Kyle Olson

Hillary's War Against Women: Stuart Schneiderman
Trump retaliates on ‘predator’ Clinton with devastating video: Michael Dorstewitz
Legal Loophole Allows Clinton Donors To Give Even More Than Usual: WZ

Pence: Clinton's 'racial attacks' an 'act of desperation': Gabby Morrongiello
Rapper Shot While Recording Black Lives Matter Video: MB
The Race Card Cometh: Derek Hunter

Maybe borders aren't the worst invention ever: Michael Barone
FBI may not have been able to detect software used to wipe Clinton servers: Rick Moran
Report: Trump met with megadonor Adelson last week: Keith Koffler

Scandal Central

Clinton Foundation donor denied entry to US on terrorism claims: Marisa Schultz
Clinton Foundation exec, State Dept. aide discussed access to China president: Fox
Corruption: The Clinton Foundation and Boko Haram: Counter Jihad

Climate, Energy & Regulations

China and US to ratify landmark Paris climate deal ahead of G20 summit, sources reveal: Li Jing


CNN attacks AP report on Hillary’s Clinton Foundation meetings: John Sexton
Trump to Clinton: Let's both release detailed medical records: Keith Koffler
Science and the Alt-Right: The Z Man

Surprise: Gun ownership rises to 44% of all homes: Paul Bedard
Did the Alt-Right play its big day right?: Ann Althouse
Footage from campaign office of Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner: Unveiled


China gears up for missile warfare with US: Bill Gertz
Iran deploys long-range missiles to Fordo nuclear site: Times of Israel
Christians as "Target Practice": Raymond Ibrahim

Nobody in Germany Wants to Hire Merkel's Rapists and Robbers: Daniel Greenfield
Was the Burkini Bust on the Beach a Setup?: GoV
Did Obama Just Betray Syrian Christians to Please the Turks? Seems So. : John Zmirak

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Equation Group's sourcecode is totally fugly: Cory Doctorow
Weapon of bone destruction identified: ScienceNews
How social media capsized the fashion show: Hilary Milnes


Donald Trump’s reveals radical plan for a more powerful Air Force: Hush-Kit
Brewster Rockit: Tim Rickard
I Want A Thank You: The Z Man

Image: Clashes intensify between U.S.-backed groups in northern Syria
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "Recently released emails appear to further show a direct connection between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, including efforts to get foundation donors seats to an official lunch with Chinese President Hu Jintao.

In emails dated December 2010, Clinton State Department aide Huma Abedin and then-top Clinton Foundation official Doug Band discussed potential guests for the lunch with the Chinese president -- including three executives from groups that had donated millions to the foundation, according to an ABC News report late Saturday." --Fox News


Anonymous said...

After catching the picture of Hillary, Huma and Chelsea on Drudge, I know the next 4 years will be those of the Uglo-American Woman. If you are ugly, female and some shade of white, ARISE, UNITE, your day has come.

Anonymous said...

And a hundred bucks says Bill won't be living in the White House either. Who cares if Hillary lives with Huma? Bill will be a paid Advisor who will come and go at Hillary's beck and call (SWMBO- She Who Must Be Obeyed).
I am looking forward to this refreshing change, maybe Hillary can snag the same female Protective Team that surrounded Khadafy. It will be Babe O' Licious time in DC, and I for one say it's high time they welcome back all the girls who ever served in the Capitol.