Monday, August 15, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Desperation Grows Amid The Weaponized Media; None So Deaf as They Who Will Not Hear

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Desperation Grows Amid The Weaponized Media: Treehouse
And None So Deaf as They Who Will Not Hear: Richard Fernandez
GOP blames victim for media rape: Ann Coulter

Milwaukee agitators shout ‘black power,’ attack white drivers: Olaf Ekberg
Black Lives Matter Leader Arrested Multiple Times for Impersonating Cop: Chris White
National Guard Activated in Response to Milwaukee Rioting: PoliceMag

If Obama had a city, it would look like Milwaukee: AWD
Flashback: Is Attorney General Lynch participating in ‘Summer of Chaos?’: Bob Livingston
Pence slams Clinton's 'pay to play' scheme at State: Kelly Cohen

Police Arrest Hispanic Suspect In New York Imam Murder…: Treehouse
Cuban Exodus: Full Measure
Clinton lead over Trump shrinks to margin-of-error: Bloomberg poll: Sharyl Attkisson


Hillary’s Big Economic Plan Is an Embarrassing Display of Leftist Ignorance: Elephants
Taxpayers are at risk as Obamacare crumbles: Phil Kerpen
Crisis: Unfunded Retirement Benefits for State, Local Bureaucrats: Dan Mitchell

Scandal Central

Paying Ransom to Iran: Lee Smith
Obama administration provides Clinton’s first line of defense amid scandals: S.A. Miller
Hillary drafts illegal 'Dreamers' to get immigrants to vote: Paul Bedard

Climate, Energy & Regulations

In 2015, the Government Employed Over 277,000 Regulators: Daily Signal
In 2009: Warming would stop 2020 Olympics. Now disaster moved to 2084: JoNova


Media coup d’état against Trump: John Ruberry
NYT front page uses words "unarmed" and "armed" to describe the man police killed in WI: Althouse
Kevin Williamson on the State of the Race: Stuart Schneiderman

Video: Hillary Clinton’s cribs shock young people: Gabriella Morrongiello
Bad Guy With Machete Vs. Armed Citizen: Who Wins? Everyone.: James England
Dem senator on Chicago-style Clinton pay-to-play: "I'm not sure that was a good idea": Marathon


Ibtihaj Muhammad: Meet USA’s America-Hating, Jew-Hating, Racist Olympian “Heroine”: Schlussel
When Muslims Are Not Muslim Enough, What Does It Promise for the Rest of Us?: Douglas Murray
Powerful jihadist faction reconciles with the Taliban: Blll Roggio

At Summer Camp, Hamas Raises the Next Generation of Killers: Riley Clafton
Goodbye Europe; It was Nice Knowing You: Ray Starmann
More than 80 Mexico Mayors Murdered Since 2006: Mike LaSusa

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How dealers are camouflaging heroin to fool cops: Keith Graves
Tesla Rethinks 'Autopilot' Definition in China After Beijing Crash: Tim Hardwick
How to Write Performance Objectives that Work: Elle Morgan


Stupid People in Large Groups: C&S
Tracking the Color of the Rio Diving Pool Day by Day: NBC New York
Inside a Sherman Tank: Bring the HEAT

Image: One person shot in Milwaukee during second night of unrest
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "Just as stunning as the unending stream of reports of scandal and subterfuge that has come to define Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state is the Obama administration’s tireless effort to keep a lid on it.

Whether it’s the Justice Department taking a pass when afforded the opportunity to investigate or the State Department steadfastly defending every controversy, President Obama's administration has emerged as a first line of defense for the woman who would carry on his legacy.

The kid-glove treatment of Mrs. Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, has helped shield her from bad headlines as Republican nominee Donald Trump has been battered by the news media over his remarks on the stump and rants on Twitter.

The administration’s protectiveness toward Mrs. Clinton has outraged Republicans and raised eyebrows among ethicists." --S.A. Miller

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