Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Assange: Hacked Emails Show Hillary Armed ISIS in Syria

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Assange: Hacked Emails Show Hillary’s Arming of Jihadists, Including ISIS, in Syria: Jim Hoft
Wikileaks Says Hillary Takes Donations From Firm That Does Business with Isis: Sara Noble
Quick, let's elect this brain-damaged congenital liar before we lose our chance: Ace

Report: Ted Cruz will vote his conscience by voting for Trump: Hot Air
Clinton’s Muslim Prop Runs Controversial Immigration Law Firm in NY: Creeping
This Report Shows Why We’re Vulnerable to ISIS: CounterJihad

Stop Lone Wolf Terrorism by Ending Muslim Immigration: Daniel Greenfield
Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month: MB
Gingrich on Radical Islam: ‘I Am Against Waiting Until We Get Killed’: Alex Grubbs

Black Lives Matters Has Some Grievances, and Some Demands: Ace
Did #NeverTrumpers Hear Hillary Clinton’s Frightening Speech?: Dennis Prager
Does Either Party Have A Winning Strategy?: Michael Barone


Socialism Success Story #3,483: Venezuela Re-institutes Slavery: BattleSwarm
Paying for Punishment: The New Debtors’ Prison: Donna Murch
Happy 104th birthday, Milton Friedman: Carpe Diem

Scandal Central

Khan specializes in visa programs accused of selling U.S. citizenship: Paul Bedard
Sanctuary for Crime Part 1: Full Measure
Dem mayor claims Hillary LIED about handicapped kids: Chris Pandolfo

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Obama To Bulldoze Chicago Lakefront for Prez Library, Environmentalists Silent: Shifra
Mapping America's Mountains of Garbage: Jessica Leigh Hester


Dinesh D’Souza’s America: Gavin McInnes
Reminder: Hillary Clinton Is a Giant Liar: Patterico
Irony Alert! Hillary Clinton Plans Cyber Security Fundraiser In Las Vegas: Nina Bookout

Khizr Khan Receives 50x More Coverage Than Pat Smith on ABC, CBS, NBC: Geoffrey Dickens
Hillary’s protective shell: NolanChart
The Political Picture: Thomas Sowell

Is Hillary Clinton Even Running For President?: Leon H. Wolf
Bill Cunningham: Why Trump Will Lose Ohio and Lose the Presidency: Right Pundit
Of Course The Media Ignores Barack Obama’s Beef With The Military…: David McIntosh


How Hillary Helped Russia Get Classified Technology While Cashing In On Russian Reset: Jeff Dunetz
Libya, Clinton’s Crown Jewel Getting Bombed by U.S. Warplanes: PPD
Rescuers say toxic gas dropped on Syrian town where Russian helicopter shot down: Reuters

Reports Turkish troops have sealed off Incirlik US/NATO nuclear air base: News.comau
Palestinian Child Terrorists: Children Who Kill and Their Adult Enablers: Human Rights Voices
Whipped in public for going on a date: unmarried couples flogged for violating Sharia in Indonesia: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Streamliners: Arts Mechanical
Clinton Campaign: Voter Analytics Program Compromised, Not Internal Systems: Dark Reading
Solved: Researchers Uncover Secrets of Over 100 Ancient Structures Across the Middle Nile: Natalia Klimczak


Presidential Rumble Will Come Down To The Debates: John Kass
The 4 Pinocchios and the Woman Who Won Them: MOTUS
Here Comes Hillary: And she's got all her baggage with her, too: Jay Cost

Image: Whipped in public for going on a date: unmarried couples flogged for violating Sharia in Indonesia
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QOTD: "So, those Hillary Clinton emails, they connect together with the cables that we have published of Hillary Clinton, creating a rich picture of how Hillary Clinton performs in office, but, more broadly, how the U.S. Department of State operates. So, for example, the disastrous, absolutely disastrous intervention in Libya, the destruction of the Gaddafi government, which led to the occupation of ISIS of large segments of that country, weapons flows going over to Syria, being pushed by Hillary Clinton, into jihadists within Syria, including ISIS, that’s there in those emails. There’s more than 1,700 emails in Hillary Clinton’s collection, that we have released, just about Libya alone." --Julian Assange

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Andrew_M_Garland said...

About Venezuela,

When a socialist government orders everyone into the fields to grow more food, that isn't slavery. Socialists call it "community spirit".