Saturday, August 27, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Hillary's Health a Real Concern

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Hillary's Health a Real Concern: Daniel John Sobieski
Who Made America Hate Again?: John Hinderaker
Karma for the Clintons at Last?: David Limbaugh

After assailing Trump as a racist, Clinton ignores reporters: T. Becket Adams
30,000+ illegals from terror-tied countries crossed border into U.S. in 2015: Creeping
Hillary’s health: Emails show Clinton obsessed with sleep, “exotic drugs”: Ezra Levant

Republicans Planning to Assist with Obama's End-of-Year Jailbreak Agenda: Daniel Horowitz
Is 2016 Redrawing the Political Map?: Michael Barone
The Electoral College Map (8/25/16): FHQ

NBA star's cousin shot to death in Chiraq while pushing baby stroller: Marathon
How the U.S. nurtures jihadists on its own soil: Leo Hohmann
Voters Paint A Grim Racial Picture of America: Rasmussen

Scandal Central

Court orders State to hand over new Clinton emails by Sept. 13: Anna Giaritelli
State Dept. Refuses To Release Hillary SecState Schedule Until After Election: Tammy Bruce
Why Did the Saudis and Other Gulf Tyrannies Donate Millions to the Clinton Foundation?: Glenn Greenwald


Press Followup on $1.3 Billion Cash-For-Hostages Transfer to Iran Has Been Weak: Tom Blumer
Media Bias in Baton Rouge: Susan Brown
Dr. Drew Show Canceled Just Days After He Questioned Hillary's Health: Chris Menahan


Leaked memo shows how George Soros planned to overthrow Vladimir Putin and destabilise Russia: TheDuran
How Israel Became a Role Model in Fighting Terrorism: Nathalie Hamou
“You’re Living Under the Sharia, and You Don’t Even Know It”: GoV

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Inside ‘The Attack That Almost Broke the Internet’: Brian Krebs
This Weird Galaxy Is 99.99 Percent Dark Matter: Hanneke Weitering
More Than Man's Best Friend: Jarrett A. Lobell and Eric Powell


The Best Advice Ever: Danger & Play
“Dear Week, I’m So Over You…”: MOTUS
Pew: Americans giving up on God, miracles: Paul Bedard

Image: #SickHillary needs more help getting out of vehicles
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "[Hillary] and her lawyers had those emails deleted. And they didn’t just push the delete button; they had them deleted where even God can’t read them.

You don’t use BleachBit for yoga emails or bridesmaids emails. When you’re using BleachBit, it is something you really do not want the world to see." --Rep. Trey Gowdy

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