Saturday, August 20, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Five (5) Points on New Trump; Clinton tweets sympathies as Trump meets flood victims

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Five (5) Points on New Trump: KausFiles
Clinton tweets sympathies as Trump meets flood victims: T. Becket Adams
Amid Louisiana flood crisis, Obama pushes sale on campaign tote bags: Kyle Olson

Judge orders Clinton to answer questions in email lawsuit: Sarah Westwood
Hillary talks to press — then kicks them out: Kyle Olson
Powell: 'No recollection' of dinner party email advice to Clinton: Sarah Westwood

Is Trump Pivoting?: Stuart Schneiderma
Tim Kaine Just Realized He’s in Over His Head with Hillary: Trey Sanchez
Judge gives Hillary 30 days to come up with lies in response to lawsuit: Doug Powers

Trump’s Two Historic Speeches: ConRead
The 7 Dumbest Things That Offended Liberals: John Hawkins
The Democrat Party’s Got Religion!?!: Susan Brown


Hillary Clinton Rolls Out Her Version of 'You Didn't Build That': Susan Jones
Soldiers Relying on Millions of Dollars in Food Stamps to Survive: Mike Ludwig, Truthout
Soros Docs: Black Families Worried Syrian Refugees Taking Priority Over Them: Peter Hasson

Scandal Central

Federal Gov’t Hypocritically Denies Sailor’s “Hillary Clinton Defense”: AMN
Bombshell: Clinton Foundation Witnesses Coming Forward In Pay-For-Play Investigation: Hannity
State Dept.: 'No apologies' for using Iran payment as 'leverage': Nick Gass

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Email shows Air Force official raised Faraday spying concern: Michelle Rindels
EPA admits never studying effects of ethanol as required by law: Jazz Shaw


Twitter silent on if 'violent extremists' includes conservatives: Exam
"This is the Moment": BPV
Flashback Friday: Obama Dumps On Bush For “Just Flying Over” Katrina Ravaged New Orleans: WZ

Obama Orders 9,000+ Federal Buildings To Allow Men To Use Women’s Bathrooms, Locker Rooms, Showers: WZ
Dana Perino: Let me drop a truth bomb on you about these polls: Hot Air
Donald Trump makes #WheresHillary the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter: Twitchy


Revealed: George Soros’ War on Israel: Abraham H. Miller
The Problem Isn’t Nation-Building. It’s Islam-Building: Daniel Greenfield
Italian Restaurant Is Multiculturally Enriched: MB

Oh my... US moving nukes from Turkey to Romania: Matzav
Good News: 25% of French Teenagers are Muslim – 1 in 5 Support ISIS: Jim Hoft
The Roots of Capitalism and Statism in the West: Michael Dahlen

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Next Frontier: The Z Man
A Windowless Elevator with a 360º Panoramic View: Cameron Coward
A bodyweight workout plan for beginners: Holy Kaw!


House Panel Catalogues Clinton’s Lies: Dossier
1000 Bottles of Wine on the Wall: MOTUS
Idiocracy In Action: Sondrakistan

Image: Hillary talks to press — then kicks them out
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