Sunday, August 07, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Expert Analysis of Hillary Clinton’s Physical and Mental Breakdown

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Expert Analysis of Hillary Clinton’s Physical and Mental Breakdown: Mike Cernovich
Trump questions Clinton's mental stability: Keith Koffler
Clinton keeps email scandal alive by dodging questions: Sarah Westwood

5 Ways To Tell Obama's Lying About The Iranian Ransom Payment: Aaron Bandler
Know Your Enemy: Ace
If Trump Doesn’t Change His Strategy, He Will Get Killed in November: Brent Smith

Clinton renews vow to 'fast track' Islamist immigration: Fox
Police union: Clinton snubbed us: Jonathan Swan
Military K9 Trainer’s Facebook Post About Hillary Clinton Goes Viral: 90 Miles

Look before you rig: Joanna Rosamond
Trump camp on 'rigged' elections: 'We have to be worried' if relying on feds: Jesse Byrnes
Wasserman Schultz Primary Challenger Files FEC Complaint: Natalie Johnson


Ramblings From the Rockies: Jim Quinn
Trump to Deliver One of Biggest Tax Cuts Since Reagan, Aide Says: Andrew Mayeda
Suicide by welfare: How the West is funding ISIS with cradle-to-grave benefits: Benjamin Weingarten

Scandal Central

Obama’s Cash Payment to Iran Was More Than a Ransom — It Broke Criminal Law: Andrew C. McCarthy
Hillary Campaign Alleged to be Over-charging Small Donors: Sam Wenkert
Marie Antoinette in the White House: Karin McQuillan


The Press That Cried Wolf: Stuart Schneiderman
The Revolt of the Media: The Z Man
Unwell Hillary Clinton needs help up stairs (Photo): FAM

Pat Caddell on 'Cooked' Reuters Poll: Have 'Never... Seen a News Organization Do Something So Dishonest': John Hayward
Latest Trump Facebook Ad Receives 2+ Million Views in Less Than 24 Hours: Treehouse
Trump Releases Video Showing Hillary As A Robot: William Teach


Nigeria's Muslim Government Targeting Christians; A Pass to Boko Haram: Con Coughlin
Jewish man apologizes to Muslim woman for “bigotry”; she turns out to be jihad supporter: Christine Williams
Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri executed for treason: BBC

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Brian Greene: Time Travel is Possible: Futurism
IBM's Watson AI saved a woman from leukemia: Jon Fingas
“I Just Don’t Believe Those Results”: Neuroskeptic


Will Barack Obama Try To Stay In Office If Donald Trump Wins The Election?: Michael Snyder
Marie Antoinette in the White House: Karin McQuillan
Imagine a Shark…and a Whale: MOTUS
Image: Unwell Hillary Clinton needs help up stairs (Photo)
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QOTD: "“[Reuters] not only changed their formula, to put Hillary ahead. They went back and changed the results, for a week of results where Trump was ahead, and then they turned those into Hillary leads. They also erased all the former polling off the site. They didn’t tweak their procedure – they cooked it.

Never in my life have I seen a news organization, and a supposedly reputable poll, do something so dishonest. What they have done is, they decided the people who said, ‘oh, I’m never for someone’ – oh, those must be Hillary votes. They used to be Trump voters.”" --Pat Caddell

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