Monday, August 22, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Media Manipulation of U.S. Politics Under Increased Scrutiny; The Decline and Fall of Liberal Democracy

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Media Manipulation of U.S. Politics Under Increased Scrutiny: Treehouse
Thousands of Arab Illegal Aliens Caught with Forged Papers at Border: Bob Price
The Decline and Fall of Liberal Democracy: Stuart Schneiderman

Huma Abedin worked at a radical Muslim journal for a dozen years: Paul Sperry
#HillarysHuma - Who Huma Abedin Really Is: Shane Ashton
How can these revelations about top aide Huma Abedin not end Hillary’s chances?: Twitchy

Hillary Wears Heavy Coat and Black Pants to Nantucket Fundraiser… In August: Jim Hoft
Clintons made same ‘no foreign cash pledge’ when Hillary led State Dept.: Jeff Dunetz
Sanders conveniently never got around to releasing a financial disclosure: Nikki Schwab

The Scourge of Racism in Ameria: Derek Hunter
Is Trump Easing Up On Immigration?: Patterico
Muslims videoing in Ohio church “suspicious in the extreme”: Robert Spencer


The Constitution: What Is It Good For?: Steven Hayward
Nobel prize winning US economist says Euro "utter economic failure": Commentator
Pay Attention America – Environmentalism Is Crushing Europe: Bill Bonner

Scandal Central

Facebook Removes Two Popular Libertarian Pages Without Warning: Instapundit
FBI’s attempt to show Clinton probe was nonpartisan keeps running into politics: WaPo
Clinton campaign takes another hit over emails as judge orders written testimony: Manny Fantis

Climate, Energy & Regulations

The North Atlantic: Ground Zero of Global Cooling: David Archibald


In ‘Dumbest’ Move, Well-Known Law Prof Apparently Broke Ethics Rules in Shot at Trump: Chris White
DC: American Shuts Up Rampaging Saudi Wahabbi in Georgetown (Video): Creeping
Real Life Victims of the Transgender 'Cult': Tyler O'Neil

Hillary Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Calls for more Muslim migration to the USA: Eagle Rising
Arab on Arab Violence -- We Have Pictures: Breath of the Beast
Mansion Graffiti: Mount Vernon


The Boyz are Playing Rough and Tough: Gates of Vienna
US Dispatches F-22 Stealth Fighters to Intercept Syrian Aircraft: DefTech
Fake passports for Isil terrorists 'found in Greek refugee camps': Josephine McKenna

The Dark Reality of Cuba: Ziva Sahl
Starving Venezuelans Break into Zoo, Eat Horse: Sarah Fisher
Venezuela crushes 2,000 guns in public, plans registry of bullets: Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How the NSA snooped on encrypted Internet traffic for a decade: Dan Goodin
Russia has released the first official footage of its new 5th-generation fighter: True Pundit
Could an 1890s smallpox outbreak come back to haunt us?: Arden Dier


Hokum, or just plain nuts?: Arts Mechanical
Colonel Sanders' top secret original KFC recipe 'found in a scrapbook belonging to his nephew': C&S
Democrat Double Standards Exposed in One Brilliant Chart: Katie McGuire

Image: A Wool Coat In August?
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "If a terrible natural disaster in Louisiana can be blamed on a Republican president, then it’s one of the biggest stories of the decade. If the lack of a public statement on a Louisiana disaster during a presidential vacation might reflect badly on a Democratic president, it’s best to treat the flood as a “page A4″ story, check-the-box journalism...

...If there really is a giant and widening cultural gap between America’s elites and the rest of the citizenry in “flyover country,” how much of it is driven by narrative-minded journalism? If you die in a particular way that can advance the Democrats’ legislative agenda, your death is going to be an enormously big deal. If the circumstances of your death are politically inconvenient to the Left – Brian Terry or the Benghazi four or those who died on the waiting list for the VA — there are no greater lessons to be learned or need for further action; it’s just an unfortunate set of circumstances. One set of citizens are in the picture; one set of citizens on the periphery get cropped out. It just doesn’t fit the picture that someone wants to create." --Jim Geraghty

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