Sunday, August 14, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Robin Hood in Reverse: The Clinton Foundation under Fed Scrutiny

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Robin Hood in Reverse: The Clinton Foundation under Fed Scrutiny: Clarice Feldman
Soros Groups Get Hacked, Hundreds Of Documents Leaked: Alex Pfeiffer
Shadow Government: WikiLeaks Exposes George Soros Controlling Clinton: Standard

The Clintons Released Their Tax Returns, and They Are Very Interesting: Elephants
Bill Clinton: Hillary Email Issues Are ‘Too Complicated To Explain To People’: Chuck Ross
Tax Returns: Clintons Cleared $10.6 Million In 2015: Charlie Spiering

Rioters make Milwaukee ‘like a war zone’ after police shooting of armed suspect: Twitchy
Trump Twitter Rally Draws Larger Crowd than Clinton Speech: Danger and Play
Liz Cheney: We Must Unite Around Trump – Hillary Is a Felon: Jim Hoft

Ilhan Omar: Her back pages: Scott Johnson
Imam killed execution-style walking from Queens mosque: Post
A BLM Riot Breaks Out in Milwaukee; Trump Not Yet Blamed: Steve Sailer


Republicans for Political Correctness: Stuart Schneiderman
American States: Economic Competitiveness vs. Political Leanings: SDA
South Dakota farmers sue feds for rigging wetlands process: Bob Unruh

Scandal Central

The Potential For Clinton Indictment Based on WikiLeaks Claim: Treehouse
Treason: CENTCOM’s Manipulated Data Was Ordered by the White House Itself: Sara Noble
Bill Clinton taunts FBI over Hillary email findings: ‘Biggest load of bull I ever heard’: Kyle Olson

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Physicist who foresees global cooling says other scientists tried to ‘silence’ her: Valerie Richardson


Peggy Noonan on the New Ruling Class: Stuart Schneiderman
Trump supporter does what every red-blooded American wants to do when meeting CNN reporters: Scott Morefield
ABC, Univision Censor Clintons' Donations To Own Charity: Matthew Balan

Damage control desperation: Vox Popoli
Lock Him Up, Geert!: Gates of Vienna
Damage Control Scramble by Democrats: Pistachio


France Urges Countrymen to Let Migrants into Their Homes: Wizbang
Rio’s Contaminated Waters Claim First Victim: Leslie Eastman
Vetted moderate Muslim preacher in Wales: Take white British women as sex slaves: Liam Deacon

Confirmed: Obama has unconstitutionally put Boots on the Ground in Libya: Tim Brown
2012 Pentagon report warned Obama was creating ISIS: Art Moore
Fears of 'Sharia Police' and Islamic State support in German city after wave of refugees: Express

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Excavations reveal 6,000-year-old city, Roman-era frescoes: Hayom
More gums than Jaws: Greenland super-sharks live past 400 years old: Iain Thomson
Textbook Story of How Humans Populated America is Biologically Unviable, Study Finds: Ancient Origins


The Explainer-in-Chief Does What He Does Best: MOTUS
Rush Limbaugh’s hold message from State Secretary Clinton is hilarious!: Scoop
‘#f***youpeter’: Judge Rules That Hulk Hogan Gets Control of Former Gawker Editor’s Assets: David Bixenspan

Image: Fears of 'Sharia Police' and Islamic State support in German city after wave of refugees
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