Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: From the idiot that brought you ISIS; Listening to Trump Voters

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From the idiot that brought you ISIS: Eatgrueldog
Clinton’s Muslim Prop Deletes Website that Specialized in Muslim Immigration: Creeping
Obama: Running Scared: DailyPundit

Listening to Trump Voters: David Blankenhorn
Fishtown vs. Belmont, 2016: Niall Ferguson
Aetna: On second thought, we’re backing away from ObamaCare: Ed Morrissey

Khizr Khan erases his website — but we grabbed copies!: Matthew Vadum
Image of the Day: The Left Now Favors Palestinians Over Israel: Timothy Lee
Donald Trump twists the knife on Paul Ryan and John McCain: Gabby Morrongiello

Black Lives Matter Issues Demands: Patterico
Not All US Muslim Soldiers Are Equal: Michelle Malkin
Bounce Back: Several Polls Giving Hillary Back Her Pre-Comey Lead: Ace


Historic: Worst economic recovery since 1930s, salaries fall $17,000 short: Paul Bedard
The Ever-Growing Fiscal Burden of Obamacare: Dan Mitchell
The Tax-Shaming Trap: Betsy McCaughey

Scandal Central

Obama Sent $400 Million to Iran in Ransom as Americans Were Freed: Jay Solomon and Carol E. Lee
Congress Probes White House-Linked Campaign to Deceive Media on Iran Nuclear Deal: Adam Kredo
Clinton Cash Author 'Knows' The FBI Is Investigating The Clinton Foundation: WZ

Climate, Energy & Regulations

U.S. shale gas is shaking up global LNG market: FuelFix
After Brexit, Clexit: Anthony Watts


On Korryn Gaines: The Dana Show
NBC Scrubs Andrea Mitchell Calling Bill Clinton’s Rape Accuser ‘Discredited’: Elizabeth Harrington
Why Hillary’s candidacy is more ‘historic’ now than in 2008: Jonah Goldberg

Media Outlet Claims Big, Boisterous Crowd At Clinton Rally: Amber Randall
Boy Shouts 'Take That Bitch Down!' at Trump Rally; Leftist Media Goes Nuts: AmPower
Longtime state senator Obama not qualified to be president: Marathon


Terrorism Creates Jobs: Henry Dampier
A Country on Tenterhooks: Germans Wonder If Terror Can Be Prevented: Der Spiegel
The Complete Huma Abedin Report [PDF]: America Rising

Democratics Outraged Military Updating Nuclear Missiles So They Don’t Go Obsolete: AMN
Trump Win Is The Only Way To Stop TPP Catastrophe: ConRead
UK Navy should run migrant patrols in Channel, MPs suggest: EU Observer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

MIT creates video you can reach out and touch: Darrell Etherington
James Baldwin's Cities: Natasha Balwit
Dental Floss May Have No Medical Benefits, Says AP Report: Gizmodo


Stolen Gnome Returned to Driveway After 8 Months With Book Detailing Epic Trip: GNN
8-year-old boy dies day after being named honorary Marine: Stripes
Now Where Did I Put That Plumber’s Putty?: MOTUS

Image: Russia Denies Involvement in Syrian Gas Attacks
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "The implementation of major legislation such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) often results in fiscal outcomes that differ significantly from prior projections. …Recall that the ACA considerably expanded Medicaid eligibility… It turns out that the 2015 per-capita cost of this Medicaid expansion is a whopping 49% higher than projections made just one year before. This disclosure can be found on page 27 of the 2015 Actuarial Report for Medicaid, released this July." --Charles Blahous, former Trustee for Social Security and Medicare

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