Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Trump: "The Democratic Party Is The Party Of Slavery"; Emails Show What Abedin Knew

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Trump: "The Democratic Party Is The Party Of Slavery": Tim Hains
Ingraham: Emails Show Abedin Knew Hillary’s Private Server Wasn’t Secure: GretaWire
Confessions of A Former Hillary Clinton Campaign Operative: True Pundit

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Biggest Gun Grabs of the Obama Era: Jordan Michaels
Your Self-Defense Story of the Day: Daley Gator
Letter From a Teacher: Colin Flaherty

NYT: Fear of prosecution may have driven Hillary to blame Powell on emails: Paul Bedard
Homeland eyes special declaration to take charge of elections: Paul Bedard
Done: WRSA

Marco Rubio and John McCain Prevail: Paul Mirengoff
Debbie Wasserman Schultz Survives Tough Primary Challenge: Juliegrace Brufke
Alan Grayson’s rotten Senate primary campaign, in 8 cringe-worthy moments: Amber Phillips


Why do Young People Support Socialism and Old People Don’t?: House of Eratosthenes
Food stamp fraud bust in Baltimore, check out the names, see a pattern?: Ann Corcoran
Economic Conspiracies: Walter Williams

Scandal Central

State finds 30 deleted Clinton emails on Benghazi: Sarah Westwood
Clinton faces questions under oath about destruction of emails: Sarah Westwood
Another Clinton donor, another email that wasn’t turned over: Anita Kumar

Hillary Clinton’s Illicit Plan: Betsy McCaughey
FBI to release report on Hillary Clinton email investigation: Evan Perez and Laura Koran
Exclusive investigation: Your prescriptions aren't private: Fox4Now

Climate, Energy & Regulations

The Great British Wind Farm Scandal: These Are The Heads That Should Roll: James Delingpole
Colorado’s Anti-Fracking Crackup: Michelle Malkin


Street Artist Sabo’s Tattooed Hillary Posters hit LA!: Victory Girls
Levin to Colin Kaepernick: Stay Seated; You’re an Insignificant Fly: Michael Morris
Facebook fires human editors, algorithm immediately posts fake news: Annalee Newitz


Report: Trump mulls visit with Mexican president before immigration speech: Anna Giaritelli
AP documents 72 mass graves in territory freed of IS: Lori Hinnant and Desmond Butler
Gruesome discovery in Germany raises questions about Holocaust-era experiments: JPost

What the Burkini is Really All About: Daniel Greenfield
Russia to garrison division less than 100KM from U.S. border: L. Todd Wood
US Navy's $360MM littoral combat ship crippled with mechanical issues for third time this year: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Hackable hearts threaten medical device industry's top prospect: Rudy Takala
All the Ways Your Wi-Fi Router Can Spy on You: Kaveh Waddell
Good boy! Dogs know what you're saying, study suggests: Frank Jordans and Alicia Chang


What Comes Next: The Z Man
The TSA’s Screwed Up System For Transporting Firearms: Herschel Smith
Miss Me Yet?: MOTUS

Image: Street Artist Sabo’s Tattooed Hillary Posters hit LA!
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "Only a small group of people running her campaign know the specifics of Hillary’s health issues. But she is suffering from something. She sleeps approximately 18 hours a day. And some days, she sleeps more.

I’m serious. This is why no one sees her.

The campaign will NEVER release her medical files to the public. In contrast, they feel if the opposition continues to hammer the issue, it will create a backlash of sympathy..." --Former Clinton 2016 campaign operative


Anonymous said...

"Miss me yet", great article.
The ability to recognize Liberty when you see it is similar to the ears tasting words to sense their origin and life. You know the truth when you see it, and when you hear it.

commoncents said...

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