Friday, August 19, 2016

TRUMP'S PIVOT: Excellent, But Too Late?

By William Teach

Donald Trump has actually been making some fantastic speeches over the past week, ones that stay away from the typical over-the-top rhetoric and wackiness we’d been seeing previously. This should be obvious by the limited coverage his speeches are garnering from the Credentialed Media. Wouldn’t want to see Trump in a good light, right? Maybe that has changed?

Regretful Trump pivots 107 days late

The Republican nominee delivers one of the most comprehensive, on-message rationales for his candidacy to date.

Three and a half months after sealing the Republican nomination, Donald Trump pivoted to contest the general election on Thursday night, expressing regret for his past failures to “choose the right words” and delivering one of the most comprehensive, on-message rationales for his candidacy to date.

Speaking from prepared remarks on the heels of another staffing shakeup, Trump positioned himself as the champion of voiceless Americans against a corrupt and incompetent elite and the leader of an inclusive movement who repeatedly condemned “bigotry.”

His address, delivered at a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, presented the sort of message Republican leaders have been waiting months to hear. But with 82 days left until the election and early voting only weeks away, even a flawless sprint to the finish line may be too little too late for Trump to salvage his flailing campaign.

This may seem like typical liberal media spin, but, it is a good point: is it too late? His speeches have been pretty cogent, responsible, and provided excellent policy choices, while also imploring blacks, Hispanics, gays, and others to stop voting for the party which has been pandering to them while keeping them down, namely, the Democrats.

Can it work? He seems much more focused on policy and attacking Hillary and the Democrats while asking for the votes of citizens (not Conservatives, at least not yet. Maybe he will?). Will he stay focused in this manner? Time will tell.

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Eskyman said...

Nice article, except that Trump has been giving great speeches all along, and "the typical over-the-top rhetoric and wackiness we’d been seeing previously" has been manufactured by the media all along as well.

Recently Hillary said, "We are going to raise taxes on the middle class." If we had an honest media, this gaffe would have caused some discussion; it didn't of course, it was immediately buried. Trump, on the other hand, could say, "The sky is a beautiful shade of blue today," and to the media this is proof positive that Trump is dog-whistling some racist insanity.

The media is amazingly good at picking up dog whistles; maybe more of them ought to be taken for a walk- or maybe they ought to stay in the doghouse!

Anonymous said...

I want to see the look on the feces called "the Press" when Trump takes the pot. May they all rot in hell. Clean the Town out Donald, and send Ryan packing too. They betrayed us.

Dymphna said...

See Scott Adam's analysis of the persuasion game. He says this is Act 3, and he predicted when it would begin - i.e., now.

Of course it's not too late.

But never too late to pee on the cheerios, is it?? Whatever Trump says or does,the response is always like this one: you're doing it wrong, you're too late, you should have listened to *my* plan, etc. All of you sound just like the MSM.

Trump is galvanizing those who'd quit voting. This will be a landslide...give up the whining.

Petercat said...

It's too late? Since when have Presidential elections been decided in the middle of August? Given up on everything and now trying to convince Conservatives to stay home in November because, y'know, the election's already been decided so we'll just be wasting our time?
Get stuffed, quitter. I'm voting.

Anonymous said...


First let me say that although I frequently disagreed with your views outside the Islamization issues, you and your husband have my utmost respect for the work you have done at your blog. You've been the voice crying out in the wilderness and have spoken for countless people who have not the ability to speak out for themselves. There are very few people, cyber or real-life, in this world that I respect as much as you two. I was a very frequent reader until, alas, I gave up on Europe and decided to focus on America before it became too late for us here. I still stop by from time to time.

I thank you and The Baron from the bottom of my heart.

I'd like to add that what Trump is doing is both simpler and more complex than what Scott Adams proposes. It is a way of life. The only places that I know of in that this "style" of interaction is commonplace is in the South and New York City. It probably partially explains why I have always gotten along very well with New Yorkers although I'm deep Southern Rural to the core.

There are some sayings that sorta give you the idea. "The smartest man in the room is never thought to be." "Yankee's spend all their time trying to convince you of how smart they are and a smart Southern spends his time trying to convince you of how dumb he is." On playing poker; "It ain't the smart one you worry about. Never take you eye off the dumbass."

My Great and Great-Great Grandfathers were political bosses who "watched over" their region with an iron fist or velvet glove, depending on your point of view. Family knew every event was coldly set up. The community at large was always grateful they could be persuaded to step in and help solve the problems. Fifty or a hundred years later there are still things only a few family members know and will never discuss publicly. (see the Lloyd Bridges role in The Winter People movie for a smaller, more low key version of what I mean)

I also have a couple of uncles on the other side who were basically con-men.

There are endless variations, but most are some combination of the three most common; the good old boy who ain't too bright but "stumbles on to stuff" sometimes - the loud-mouthed dumbass who is obviously an idiot - the refined gentleman who "lucked into fortune" because he's not sharp enough to be playing this game/trying to do this deal.

You can see Trump use all three as needed but primarily the much more subtle "because somebody had to help" like my grandfathers. They arranged things so that people often begged for their help and loved it when my grandfathers "somehow" managed to come out on top. Because, you know, someone that good-hearted deserved to get something good for caring so much.

Trump is old school and I mean really old school. He sure does appear to be the craftiest politician in my lifetime.

I will vote for him and he will win. He will establish the Trumps as the most powerful political family in the world and become even richer.

But he will also accomplish most of what he is promising and we, Americans, need that desperately right.

Old Ez

Dymphna said...

@Old Ez-

Perfect description of politics in small town America on either side of the M.-D. Line. Those ol' boys were/are full of 'craft' and they know everyone who is anyone and even those who aren't. They never forget a kindness or a cut.

I like Trump's policies mostly. His foreign policies in particular. He is a NYC boy heart and soul. After the Dutch sold New Amsterdam for some spicier islands, they left in place a commercial Dutch spirit that still reigns. Mr. Trump, even with his Scots momma, exemplifies that Dutch enterprise.

We desperately need someone who is not part of the administrative class - they have ruined our country...give Mr. Trump a big sword for cutting through red tape.