Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Classroom Video Introducing President Obama's 9/8 Speech to Students

Good morning, kids! I'm President Barack Obama, here to talk to you today about the importance of education.

Education is very, very important. You've all heard of the four R's, though they really don't all start with the letter R.

There's Reading.
And oRganizing.

Now, I want you to watch me closely as we discuss...

...You're getting sleepy... very sleepy...

You're in a deep, peaceful sleep. And now you're floating, happily, in the sky with the birds.

And when I say Change!, you'll be back in class. But, before that, you'll hear and remember everything I say. Everything.

Every day in class, when you say the pledge, you'll be pledging allegiance to me.

You know how your Dad sometimes lets you play on his computer?

Well, sometimes, late at night, he might be writing right-wing blogs or forwarding fishy emails that undermine your President's polices!

How can you help stop this destructive activity? Simple, when you get home, I want you to download this free key-logger from and install it on every one of your parents' computers!

It will report on everything your folks are doing, so me and my pals in the White House can keep the world safe from evil right-wing misinformation!

Just remember, when you get home, download the key-logger and help us keep the world safe from conservatives!

Okey doke... it's time to say 'bye for now...



So, kids, thanks for taking the time to listen. Just remember: education is the key to success!

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