Sunday, October 04, 2009

Barack Obama Just Jumped the Shark

Copenhagen and the failed Olympics bid proved what Howard Portnoy is saying:

Barack Obama just jumped the shark.

The world’s most recently anointed superstar, whose key opponent in the race for the Democrat nomination for president summed him accurately by saying “He’ll give a speech” when faced with a major crisis, has now officially crashed and burned. As with every other crisis in his short presidency, he sought to divert attention — in this case, from a still-struggling economy, the palpable threat of a nuclear rogue nation, and a “war of necessity” suddenly turning south and unpopular — by jetting off to Copenhagen and winning America the “prestige” of another Olympic Games. He was a loser for assuming that this is how the electorate would read such a result. And he’s a bigger loser still for failing to obtain even that result.

Suffice it to say that when even SNL routinely rips your pathetic record of non-accomplishment, the tips of your skis just grazed the fin.

Hat tip: Ohio Coastie.

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