Sunday, July 03, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Obama's Declaration of Dependence

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Obama's Declaration of Dependence: Steyn
Lives, Fortune and Honor: ZH
'Whites Are Liars': Obama's 20-Year Mentor Spews Hatred: Blaze

Democrat Party Meltdown: Surber
ATF’s “Fast & Furious” guns showing up in US crimes: ProWis
Rep. Walsh to Spitzer: Obama ‘Acted Like a 10-Year-Old’: Publius


WI: Child Hating, Anti-Education Bill Saves A School District: Joshua
NEA: It’s About Union Power, Not Children: Foundry
Biden Warns Teamsters to Vote Democrat: Malkin

Deconstructing the latest White House propaganda: RWN
Top 10 Obama Attacks on Capitalism: HE
TSA: A Portrait in Islamization: AT

Why doesn't Obama admit that he wants to raise taxes?: RSM
Dems dig in: GOP trying to sabotage economy: ProWis
There's Gonna Be Fireworks: Ace

Climate & Energy

Agenda 21: Conspiracy Theory or Real Threat?: RWN
Latest research: no, the Reef isn’t being killed by warming: WUWT
The Ultimate Greenwashing Ad From Coca-Cola: CBullitt


Daily Beast Writer Claims Obama Is a Victim of Washington’s ‘Pundit Class’: RSM
The Community Organizer Who Would be King: Feldman
Moonbat: Justice Ginsburg can "prevent a real shift in the balance of power on the court: Althouse

How to Celebrate the 4th of July: Pundette
A Review of ‘Bring Her Down: How the American Media Tried to Destroy Sarah Palin’: C4P
Presidential Seal on Obama’s Limo Falls Into Ditch Alongside US Economy: Powers

Obama Campaign To Go After Conservative Critics Of His Anti-Israel Policies: WZ
Tea Party Congressman To CNN's Spitzer: Press Must Stop Protecting Obama: NB
How Mortgage Giant Fannie Mae Primed the Bubble, Covered Its Assets: BlogProf


Iran Delivers Threatening Letter to President Obama: Kahlili
Obama Wussed Out: AT
Pakistan's largest university misunderstands Islam, holds pro-Bin Laden essay contest :JihadWatch

June Deadliest Month for U.S. Troops in Iraq in 3 Years: Michelle Obama Didn’t Know Troops Were Still in Iraq: BP
Pic o' the Day from the US-Funded West Bank: WZ
Obama Gives $20 Million to Tunisia So They Can Ban Israel: GWP

Vetting Obama – “Palling Around With Terrorists”: NoisyRm
Europeans Are Major Force Behind Second Gaza Flotilla: PJM
Obama's Final Solution: Lewis


A new tech bubble? Not quite, say US investors: Telegraph
Secret Treasure Found in Kerala Temple Could Be Worth $10 Billion: GWP
First Microsoft, now Google: Does the government have it in for consumers?: CNet


Hail Caesar (Rodney)! An American Hero: AT
Onion Moon Landing: Onion
Switch Hitter VS Switch Pitcher Pat Venditte: ShoonSports

Image: Pics from the Front
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QOTD: “When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.” --American Federation of Teachers president Al Shanker

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