Sunday, July 31, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: A Deal No Republican Can Support

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A Deal No Republican Can Support: RS
Saturday Night Backroom Deals: Malkin
Major Obama Donors Reap Profits From His Policies: Riehl

The Devil’s In The Debt Ceiling Details: RWN
What does Obama want?: Greenroom
MS NAACP leader sent to prison for voter fraud: DC

The Man With No Plan Accuses House GOP of Irresponsibility: RSM
Losers All Around in Debt Limit Debate: PJM
Primarily Bolton: Atlas


A Tale of Two Signs: "Hiring Now!" or "Going Out of Business"?: HE
Bush vs Obama: Facts And Observations: ZH
White House Chart on debt--Bush's fault: VR

Official Lies: 1Q GDP Revised Down to 0.4% From 1.9%: RWN
“Raising the Debt Ceiling” For Dummies: NoisyRoom
Europe Declares War on American Ratings Agencies: PJM


Obama and the Drug Cartels: AT
The Associated Press Covers Gunwalker: Power Line

Climate & Energy

Enviro-kooks baffled: Gulf Coast wildlife is thriving after oil spill: IHTM
The First Church of The Blessed Evaporator: Primordial Slack
CT's new, short-lived, all-time high temperature record corrected: WUWT


Media, Democrats, and the President in Lockstep with 'Tea Party as Terrorists' Message: NB
Barney Frank: Why didn’t the Republicans fix (fill in the blank) when they had control?: Constitution Alley
Bill Maher Makes His Own ‘It Gets Better’ Spot To Sell Americans on Socialism: Mediaite

Saturday Roundup & Debt Ceiling Collision Warning System Test: Malkin
J.P.'s Moment of Common Sense: JPA
Jon Stewart on Allen West: "Quick, Robin! To the Bats*** Mobile!": DailyPulp

President Fussbudget Uses Awesome Power of Weekly Address That Nobody Watches to Plead for Reelection: Ace
Jennifer Rubin Is An A**hole: Riehl
Client #9 Lectures the Tea Party: Glob


The Post-American World: Driscoll
Meanwhile The Global Economy...: ZH
Abbas ‘feels he’s above the law,’ charges Dahlan: JPost

Thanks Barack Obama: Mexico’s Unemployment Rate 4.9% … United States 9.2%: ScaredMonkeys
Harvard Instructor May Face Removal Over Anti-Muslim Op-Ed: Atlantic


Anonymous Claims Network Breach of FBI Security Contractor ManTech: eWeek
Internet Explorer Users are More Stupid Than Others: Study: IBTimes
iPhone 5 to launch in early September, report says: CNet


The Great Debt Ceiling Debate: Havoc
Porsche's Top 10 Pop Culture Moments: Complex
In Post-Obamageddon “Bankrupttown”, Final Debt Debates to be Settled in “Dunderdome” : Doswell

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QOTD: "In the most recent of numerous scandals to rock the District of Columbia’s famously corrupt government, a councilman charged with stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars meant for youth programs has been let off the hook by the city’s attorney general and won’t be federally charged because the area’s U.S. attorney is a college fraternity brother.

It marks the latest in a never-ending tale of the crooked officials who run D.C. and seldom face consequences. In this case D.C. Councilman Harry Thomas, who has represented Ward 5 since 2007, “diverted” more than $300,000 in public funds intended for children’s sports and spent it on personal travel and a luxury car." --JudicialWatch

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