Friday, July 29, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: The GOP Crappy Meal: It's Better Than Nothing!

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The GOP Crappy Meal: It's Better Than Nothing!: Malkin
Here's the Latest Democrat Plan: RS
The Rancid Odor of Desperation and Decay: babalu

The Worst Negotiators: RS
No split in conservative movement that wasn't already there: Riehl
Payback may be coming for congressman's 'disloyalty': Dispatch

John McCain Denounces the Tea Party: RWN
TSA Abuses Cancer Survivor For Second Time: RWN
TSA Agents Pose As Cops To Harass Women: Indybay


Red States, Including the ‘Newly-Reds,’ Excel at Job Growth: PJM
Feds: Hey, Employers, Hire Foreign Grads!: GardenSerf
Why the Debt Crisis Is Even Worse Than You Think: BizWk

Obama's destruction in two nauseating charts: RWN
Dear ExxonMobil: Thank you for being profitable!: BSF
Good news: Fed Health tab to hit $4.6 trillion in 2020: DC


Gunwalker: William Newell Circles the Wagons: PJM
Will Fast And Furious Cost Obama's Attorney General His Job?: Insider
Did Obama Admit To Ordering ‘Operation Fast & Furious?': Dollard

ATF: The White House Knew: IBD
IRS, DEA And ICE Connected To Project Gunrunner: SHN

Climate & Energy

Is It Over for Global Warming Alarmism?: Power Line
The Obama EPA’s Brave New Future: Foundry
Obama Running Not One Auto Company but All of Them: Foundry

Barack Obama re-election contributors are rare in Louisiana: Nola
Analysis of NASA Satellite Data Suggests UN Climate Models are Full of Hot Air: Malkin
"Fuel standards have become one of the major causes of death and misery in the United States.": BlogProf


Columbia Journalism Review tells the press to lie about Republicans: BigJourn
NY Times: Palin’s Well-Timed Reminder to Freshmen: C4P
CBS's Schieffer Wrongly Claims Social Security Checks Can't Go Out Without Debt Resolution: NB


Fort Hood UPDATE: Abdo Confesses to Planning Attack, Bought Uniform and Fort Hood Unit Patches Off-Base: PJM
Norway's Terrorism in Context: Pipes
Single-payer hell: NHS begins rationing operations: Independent

Another jihadist plot against American soldiers on U.S. soil; Alert gun dealer, local police blew the whistle: Malkin
State Department spending millions of U.S. tax dollars to save mosques overseas: HySci
Afghanistan War: US rescue teams rush to save troops hurt by IEDs: GlobPost


Excite could have bought Google for $750,000 in 1999 -- and turned it down: Minyanville
TW Cable loses 4 percent of home-video subscribers: CNet
Twitter starts injecting paid tweets into the stream: CNet


Ron On Palin And Bachmann: Denny
How Hot Is It in Texas?: C&S
La Raza Members Beg Obama to Become Dictator: RedCty

Image: IRS, DEA And ICE Connected To Project Gunrunner (SHN)
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QOTD: "He is dividing us as a nation. He's not bringing us together. He's willfully dividing us. He's petulant... He is not acting presidential. He is behaving in a way designed in my opinion to divide us, to make us look at each other with skepticism, with suspicion. That is the end of America as we know it. The destruction he is inflicting by his behavior will carry on long after we settle the debt limit." --Ken Langone, former director of the NYSE

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