Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Holy Shnikeys! How Obamacare destroyed job growth

Nancy 'Stretch' Pelosi hardest hit:

Expect the post-ObamaCare trendline to start heading south, too. This looks like it's getting worse, not better.

Oh, and independents want ObamaCare repealed by a two to one margin...

Why aren't we forcing Obama to talk about this? What little-d democratic argument can possibly support a law which was barely passed in the first place -- via a technicality to boot -- and was unpopular at the moment of its creation and so unpopular it caused a revolt against the party passing it?

Why are we not forcing Obama and the media to explain how this travesty continues?

I'll tell you why: because we've got hapless, mush-mouthed leaders like Mitch McConnell and John Boehner in leadership positions rather than, say, Marco Rubio and Allen West.

We need leaders with cojones (not necessarily male, mind you, but possessing intestinal fortitude).


The_Bad said...

Let's not forget that we have an Accomplice Media refusing to engage in the discussion.

Humana-Walmart Preferred RX said...

Obama needs to really do well especially in this debt crisis we are facing right now. It's a make or break for this nation. We'll head towards third world country level fast enough if we can't offer any solution to this growing... I mind you this is still a growing debt.

John Nail said...

Actually this is a total lie using a stat that is meaningless. In fact it is the biggest lie yet on PPACA:

The “average rate of unemployment rate change per month” has been reduced
approximately 290% since PPACA was passed showing the power of the new
healthcare law!

If you look at the “average % change in the
unemployment rate per month “ from the financial crisis of 2008 until
6/2011 you will find:

- From 9/2008 (6.2%) thru 4/2010 (9.8%) the unemployment rate averaged a .18% increase / month

- From 5/2010 thru 6/2011 the unemployment rate averaged a .064% decrease

See the details here: