Thursday, July 28, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: The Man Without a Plan

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The Man Without a Plan: PJM
Rancor on the Right: Of elephants and asses: Malkin
All 53 Senate Democrats Threaten Default: GWP

All You Need To Know About The House Republicans: RS
F*** John McCain: RSM
Choosing Time for Conservatives: Pundette

Bam, it's time to cut spending - period: McCaughey
Will Boehner 2.0 Launch?: Hewitt
Obama’s Battleground-State Blues: NatJourn


ATF Official: I shared Gunwalker Data with White House: CBS
Issa Hopes White House Official Will Testify: Foundry
Just a reminder, and a thank you; Confounding the 'EeBeeGees': Sipsey


A Thousand Pictures Is Worth One Word: Worthless: ZH
In the wake of Obamacare: Boortz
Sgt. Schultz: GOP acting like a dictatorship or something: Hot Air

Hey, Mr. President, ‘Where’s the Plan?’: NoisyRm
More Idiocy From Democrats: Denninger
GE: 'Stop Complaining About Big Government' Moves to Beijing: SHN

A Leadership Default: WSJ
“We Don’t Have A Deficit Problem Right Now.”: RWN
One nation, under Moody’s: Malkin

Climate & Energy

Henry Waxman Asks Sec. Chu To Create Globull Warming Re-Education Program: RWN
The Death of Cars: Snapped Shot
Green agenda has parallels with excesses of communism: Herald Sun


New York Times Reader Kills Dozens In Norway: Coulter
Did Obama Give the Nod to the SEIU/ACORN Economic Pressure Campaign Against Wall Street?: Vadum
The Politics of Blame: The Petulant Boy-King Stamps His Foot – One More Time: Marfdrat

Limbaugh: Tell Obama "We're Waiting for Your Plan, Chief": Ace
Re: Media Assassins; Pamela Geller Under Assault, It’s The Anti-Anti-Jihad Movement: POH Diaries
Carney gets testy over more questions on lack of Obama plan: TRS

Michelle Malkin to DC: We will not sit down and shut up! No more!: TRS
The New Journalism: IBD
Sarah Palin to Keynote September 3rd Tea Party Event in Iowa: Malkin


‘Gentle Justice’ Meets Mass Murderer: PJM
Breivik hated women and feared equal rights: TAB
The 5 Biggest Lies Told about Oslo Shooter Anders Breivik: PJM

Dictatorial Daydreams: MoneyRunner
Department of Sensitive Defense: Snapped Shot
Norway, Oklahoma City, and the notion of Christian terrorism: JPA


'War texting' lets hackers unlock car doors via SMS: NetworkWorld
Google+ traffic dropping already?: CNet
A Stuxnet Comeback?: DarkReading


Big Love in Park City and Aspen: MOTUS
An Open Letter to All Patriots: NoisyRm
Mark Levin gives a history lesson on Nov. 2010: TRS

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