Sunday, July 24, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: When Does The Public Get To See The Proposals?

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When Does The Public Get To See The Proposals?: Hewitt
Planless Dems: Their only plan is to somehow spend more: Steyn
GOP readies new debt ceiling plan; bill set for Sunday: York

Mr. President, Show Some Respect: Dossier
Stunning Boehner-Obama confrontation: Barone
'This would be easier if I could do this entirely on my own': Pundette

If Boehner Hasn’t Passed A Short Term Debt Ceiling Deal Yet…: RWN
President Planless preaches and postures: Pundette
Rep. Allen West Says ‘Marxist,’ Now Who Else Will Tell the Truth?: BG


Dissecting The Demagoguery About 'Tax Cuts For The Rich': Sowell
U.S. Credit Rating Now Cut As Boehner Fights Back: AmSpec
U.S. Government Sells Chrysler Stake, Losses Higher Than Reported: OTB

Payments to Individuals and the Budget Crisis: Virtuous
Federal Spending in Perspective: Mercatus
Dems Changed Their Tune: Hill

No More Useless Commissions: DeMint
Homeowners In Denial About Value Of Properties: Instapundit
Walter Reed Army Medical Center to Close After 102 Years: Blaze

Climate & Energy

More EPA madness: RadioVice
Bering sea water temperature, headed down: WUWT
Wreck-overy: NASA lays off thousands: BlogProf


Ruh Roh: NYT Liberal David Brooks turns on Obama: ‘There’s a little arrogance and self-superiority there’: DC
Raising the debt ceiling is a sign of leadership failure: Flopping
Cenk: I Wonder if This is the Kind of Thing “People in Washington” Might Not Like: VS

A Quick Lesson for Media on the Definition of “Right Wing”: Loesch
Just Awful: Progressives Ecstatic Over Anders Behring Breivik Alleged Ties to Right-Wing Extremism: AmPower
Media Reacts to News That Norwegian Terror Suspect Isn't Muslim: Atlantic

No, James Fallows, the Washington Post doesn’t owe “the world” an apology: Malkin
Norway's Aftenposten is blaming me, Bat Ye'or and Fjordman for Breivik's mass murder: JihadWatch
UNESCO Edits The Jews Out Of History (Again): LI


Al & Mo hate the ladies: Zilla
Why We Can’t Afford A Second Obama Term: Reason #122: The Daqduq Dilemma: McCarthy
Bloomberg sides with al Qaeda in 2nd Amendment attack ad: Creeping

4,500 crimes: What laws have you broken today?: Mises
The Assault Weapons Ban: How Silly Was It?: Owens
Anatomy of a Chinese Reverse Merger Scam: ReformedBroker


Google Deletes Last 7 Years Of User's Digital Life, Shrugs: Consumerist
Paywallgate: hacker breaches MIT, downloads millions of papers: WUWT
Facebook: Don't even think about putting Google+ ads here: CNet


MRI of Bill Clinton's Brain: GM's Place (NSFW)
Gruesome details in beating of Giants fan: NBC
Amy Winehouse Found Dead: LoneCon

Image: Ed Driscoll: 'Amy Winehouse: Dead at 27'
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QOTD: "Obama will have to come to an agreement soon, otherwise his trip to Martha's Vineyard the first week in August is in jeopardy and he won't let that happen." --Commenter Russ

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