Friday, July 15, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Dear Mister Speaker

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Dear Mr. Speaker: RS
Boehner: McConnell Plan Might ‘Look Pretty Good...’: Malkin
Back to Their Roots… Dems Use Alinsky Tactics on Cantor: GWP

The Opacity of Hope: Belmont Club
Obama lied about his Mother to push health care reform: Althouse
Obama sits with GOP leaders for whole hour...: GWP

The Soft Dictatorship: AT
Obama finally admits there is no 'Social Security Trust Fund': RWN
Federal bureaucracy is a white elephant: BRubin


The Virtues Of a Balanced Budget Amendment: RCM
GOP debt ceiling ace-in-the-hole: Instapundit
Postponing the President's Birthday Bash?: Nice Deb

Barton calls Obama' bluff: Tatler
How Sweden Profits from For-Profit Schools: Cato
A Fresh Hot Cup of Poverty!: RSM

Conservative principles: IN now $1.2B in black: WZ
US Treasury Burns $90 Billion In Cash In Under Two Weeks: ZH
The $14.3 trillion game of chicken: Daily Mail


Gunwalker: Justice Department Tampering with Witnesses?: PJM
The American People Are Fast Becoming More Furious.: RS
Pravda Syndrome: MSM Can’t Stop Lying About ‘Gunwalker’: Owens


Don’t Forget Who Was Behind the War on Fox: Dunn, Emmanuel and Axelrod: VS
If you don’t think this is the most transparent administration ever, shut up: DC
Ed 'The Red' Schultz Forced to Admit Huge News Corp. Blunder: NB

The Enduring Dangerous Legacy of the Sixties New Left: PJM
In Interview, Murdoch Defends News Corp.: WSJ
Harvard Professor: Parents Of Obese Children Should Lose Custody: WZ

Only 2% of Reports on Debt Ceiling Battle Mention Public Opposition to Increase: MRC
US too dumb to know O is always right: Post
BofA Paying Out $410 Million For Reordering Your Transactions To Maximize Overdraft Fees: Consumerist


Ground Zero: Mosque yes, memorial that actually memorializes 9/11 – hell no: Creeping
Oslo Car Fires Highlight Threat to Norway’s Future: PJM
Iran: Christian Pastor Sentenced To Death For Apostasy Unless He Recants His Faith: WZ

The Permanent Muslim Civil War: Knish
Did You Ever Think We Would Envy China’s Economy?: RWN
Indonesia: After explosion and standoff, weapons, explosives, jihadi literature found in Islamic school: JihadWatch


Pentagon to treat cyberspace as operational domain: Reuters
The Color Of Your Website Has A Huge Impact On What People Buy: Insider
Google's Earnings Surge, Putting Firm Back in Favor: WSJ


Articles of Impeachment Against Barack Hussein Obama : Holger Awakens
Prepping For The Zombie Apocalypse: How to Build the Ultimate Survival Shotgun: Ace
How to Travel Safely - Tips from a Former Agent: Stratfor

Image: Red Planet Cartoons
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Michele Bachmann for President

QOTD: "“President Barack Obama walked out of debt limit negotiations Wednesday. One Republican aide said the president quickly ended what was described as a ‘tense’ meeting with congressional leaders about a deal to raise the debt ceiling. Wednesday’s meeting came to a quick halt when Speaker of the House John Boehner responded negatively to spending cuts offered by the White House and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor offered to support two separate debt ceiling votes… ‘The Speaker challenged the President to offer real spending cuts,’ said the aide. ‘He said the gimmicks and accounting tricks that Washington has used for decades are not applicable here. When White House officials attempted to justify budgetary gimmicks, the speaker said pointedly, ‘We’re not doing that anymore.’” So Obama stormed out. He’s gone from “first-class temperament” to first-class temper tantrums. According to The Hill, Obama told Cantor, “Don’t call my bluff.” Which tells us two things: One, Obama’s bluffing. Two, he stinks at it. Note to President Genius: If you’re bluffing, try not to let on that you’re bluffing. That’s why it’s called bluffing. Hope that helps, champ!" --Jim Treacher

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