Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Obama now threatening to stop Social Security checks

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Obama now threatening to stop Social Security checks: Malkin
But…But… I Thought Social Security Was Solvent: Bruce
The issue isn’t default but government shutdown: Pethokoukis

The Debt Disaster Most Americans are Overlooking: RWN
Democrats admit they love Mediscaring seniors: Betsy
Darrell Issa questions White House's 2012 actions: Politico


Obama: Unneeded Income Belongs to the Government: Cmmntry
West on Obama: leaders don’t use intimidation, scare tactics: Scoop
Republicans Can't Cave: RWN

Norquist: Time to Force Obama’s Hand: NRO
'Glad I'm a Union Man': AT
Illinois Government Attacks Freedom of Religion: ChiNow

Another mortifying McConnell moment: Malkin
Why The McConnell Plan Is A Loser For The GOP: Riehl
Gold surges to new all-time record: ZH


DOJ’s Fast and Furious head fake: Malkin
DOJ and ATF tries another distraction: Sipsey
Holder Lied: DOJ News Release Shows Obama Admin Approved ATF Mexico Weapons Smuggling: SalemNews

‘Gunwalker’ Deepens: Agent Zapata Killed By Gun From … Texas?: Owens
GOP wants records from DOJ about botched gun operation: Hill
Eric Holder, You've Got Mail: HE

Climate & Energy

Obama’s coal tax: New EPA rules mean 1.4 million fewer jobs, higher electric bills: Times
Lights Out… Democrats Block Repeal of Lightbulb Ban – Vote Gives Jobs to China: GWP
Wampum’s Not Going To Get It This Time, Paleface: CBullitt


More Signs “The Dear Leader” is Losing It: Babalu
Media Guns Fire Blanks at Bachmann: NoisyRoom
Did Obama lie about how his mother died?: Tatler

Liberals Ezra Klein, Joe Klein Are Lovin' McConnell's Proposal: Ace
No Justice: Gladney Attackers Found Not Guilty: Loesch
Esquire develops serious and possibly fatal man-crush on Obama: Tatler

Eat my peas? Screw you – I’m not a child for you to raise: Q&O
How Law Schoools Are Helping the Elite: Balkinization
The LSM’s cultural and religious war against Michele Bachmann: Toldjah


SFC Leroy Petry - Photos and MOH Citation: BlackFive
What happened on United Airlines Flight 944?: Malkin vs. Christianity: Malkin


Geo-engineering, nuclear power and climate change: playing God is good for the planet: Telegraph
Angry Netflix subscribers--so, who has a better deal?: CNet
Facebook launches app for 'Every Phone': CNet


Top 10 Funniest Old Spice Guy Videos: Mashable
Firearms for Felons: New Gun Redistribution Program: Cube
Nancy Grace Seen In Graveyard Sucking Marrow From Caylee Anthony's Bones: Onion

Twittering Our Credit Limits Away: Special Director’s Cut (MOTUS Exclusive): MOTUS
Life In Prison With No Chance For Parole: iOTW
IRS Goes After Fan Who Caught Jeter 3000th Hit Ball?: RepRedef

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