Friday, July 22, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: The Worst Steward of the Economy in American History

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The Worst Steward of the Economy in American History: AT
An Intransigent President: AmSpec
The Most Dangerous Man in America: AT

‘President Bachmann’ Promises To Build Border Fence: Blaze
Obama's DOJ pursues another critical case: Hot Air
Barack Obama's 2008 bundlers flee political 'machine': Politiho

Gang of Six Deal: Bad as you thought it would be: RWN
New docs: Pelosi used military aircraft for family travel: JW
'South California' secession backer seeks statewide summit: LAT


Home Depot Co-Founder: Obama Is Choking Recovery: IBD
In federal agencies, death more common than firings: Foundry
Getting Specific on Spending: McArdle

Obama Pens Empty Op-Ed on Debt; Still Has No Plan: GWP
Reducing the Federal Payroll: Wizbang
Yes, the Higher Ed bubble will pop this decade: Tatler


DOJ Inspector General opens investigation: Owens
House to question ATF officials on guns to Mexico -- Meddling by Justice a key issue: Times
Grassley Sees DOJ Cover Up in ‘Fast and Furious’ Investigation: CNS

Climate & Energy

Is “Man-made Global Warming” about to take another hit?: Greenroom
How many congressmen does it take to screw up our light bulbs?: JPA
EPA Joins in Obama’s Social Justice Looting Spree: RWN


Ronald Reagan's View on Default: Pink Flamingo
With Debt Negotiations Stalled And Default Looming, Obama Finds Time To See New Harry Potter Movie: WZ
Cut, Cap, And Balance Gets 2-1 Approval Among Adults in CNN Poll: Instapundit

Allen West: “Not a chance” I will apologize to Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Hot Air
Morning Joe crew disgusted by Bachmann-migraine story: TRS
NYTimes: Consumer pay wall response 'positive': CNet

Idiot O'Reilly Trashes Tea Party Again: TRS
Mainstreaming Wild-Ass Liberalism: PJM
Video: 20 Democratic Senators Supporting A Balanced Budget Amendment: WZ

Rahm Emanuel sends his kids to private schools, walks out in interview when questioned about it: BlogProf
CNN Ignores Poll Results Showing Strong Support for 'Cut, Cap, and Balance': NB
Black Activists Slam Rep. Wasserman Schultz’s Targeted Attack on Black Colleague: RWN


“Violent extremists have, in fact, obtained insider positions” in nuclear industry: Malkin
Actually, Thomas Friedman, China's an Economic Mess: PJM
Latest DHS Video: White Middle Class Americans Are Most Likely Terrorists: GWP


Exclusive: Inside Darpa’s Secret Afghan Spy Machine: Wired
Twitter poised to close $800M funding round: CNet
The Trouble with Nathan Myhrvold’s Pro-Patent Arguments: Kedrosky


PHOTOS: Inside The Cube, A Restaurant Perched On A Monument In Brussels: Insider
Hitpost’s New iPhone App Turns You Into A Sports Reporter: TechCrunch
The Space Shuttle Program’s Ignominious Conclusion: Driscoll

Did You Love America?: NoisyRoom
FDA: Walnuts are drugs and must be regulated: NewAm
Liberals Want To Ban Styrofoam 3 Years After Worshipping Obama In A Fake Temple Made Of Styrofoam: Glob

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QOTD: "Civil service rules make it prohibitively difficult to fire federal employees for bad performance once they pass their probationary period—one year on the job. Most federal employees who perform poorly never get fired. They keep their jobs unless their supervisor works through an arduous process of exhaustively documenting their performance and working through a complex appeal process." --James Sherk

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